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MISS MONEYSAVER shares how to challenge an unfair parking ticket


My friend Helen recently managed to get out of paying a parking ticket imposed by her council. She felt it was unfair (it often is) and wrote a letter to explain why.

The response he received was less than helpful, so he wrote again, and then again. He eventually took it to the London Courts, which covers council parking tickets in the capital, and won. In fact, the adjudicator said that he was impressed by how calm and friendly the part of the correspondence had been from him.

Helen isn’t the only one who had a parking ticket set aside in court. Just last year, 35,000 driver complaints went to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, the adjudicators of municipal parking tickets in England and Wales, with two-thirds awarded in favor of drivers.

But it’s still a drop in the ocean when you look at the number of parking tickets issued each year.

According to Churchill Motor Insurance, UK councils issued almost 20,000 parking tickets every day last year and private companies issued around 30,000 tickets every day between April and June last year, 50% more than in the same period of 2021.

MISS MONEYSAVER shares her tips on how to challenge an unfair parking ticket (file image)

It is understandable that many tickets go unchallenged. It’s a nuisance to go through the necessary paperwork. I’m thinking about the time my parking scratch card swipe and couldn’t be seen on the dash. I should have taken that to court, but I didn’t because I was busy. I could kick myself now as I’m sure I could have made a good case if I had put in the time.

And if you really think your ticket is unfair, it’s worth challenging, insists Barrie Segal, who created the website. Appeal Now.com.

Barrie is a big believer in calling out council and private parking enforcers and insists that a large number of parking tickets are simply unfair.

“Both private companies and municipalities work on the same bases,” he says. “It’s basically bullying. They want you to think it’s too much of a drag to go up against them.

For the price of a small charitable donation, Barrie may be able to help make your case. You can contact him at an email address that she has set up for mail readers: barriedailymailtickets@appealnow.com.

There’s also some great advice on how to challenge a parking ticket in his book Barrie Segal’s Quick Guide To Fight Your Parking Ticket, £5.99 on Amazon (tinyurl.com/fightparkingtickets), or free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

The first step is always to contact the parking ticket issuer with your counterclaim.

You can appeal against your decision for all sorts of reasons. It could be due to poorly worded or incorrect signs where you parked (my friend Adam got his ticket rescinded by Leeds City Council using this method), or because you had a medical emergency and had to park in the wrong place (this could be something as simple as needing to stop to go to the bathroom, if you have a relevant condition).

Other valid reasons for getting out of a parking ticket could be that you have broken down and are waiting for a mechanic, or that you are attending to an emergency.

If you can prove any of the above, and you would need to have photographic and/or written evidence of your argument, your parking ticket may be removed, if not by the council or parking company, then on appeal.

It’s also worth knowing that since April 2015, motorists in England have been legally granted a ten-minute grace period at the end of any parking session in a designated council car park. So check what time a ticket is issued. If it was within the grace period, you don’t have to pay.

Offering a similar grace period is currently only voluntary for private parking companies, but a new code of practice is being prepared to make it mandatory in England, Wales and Scotland.

Private parking companies currently can’t charge you more than £100, but under the new rules, which come into force later this year, this will be capped at £50 outside London and £80 in the capital.

In privately owned parking lots, tickets are not technically fines, but charges under a contract that you enter when you park. Unless you can contest this charge, it’s often better to pay early to get the half-price “deal” rather than pay the full amount.

But you can appeal if you think the charge is unfair, either to POPLA, Parking On Private Land Appeals popla.es or the IAS, Independent Appeals Service theias.org.

Just beware of fraudulent parking tickets that claim to be from private companies. Check online at Gov.uk to see if the company exists. It may even be worth taking the letter to the Citizen Services Office for review.

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