Minister Kemi Badenoch clashes with Labor MPs over the government’s controversial racism report


Minister Kemi Badenoch clashes with Labor MPs as she defends the authors of the UK government’s controversial report that found no evidence of institutional racism – revealing that they had received death threats and faced ‘racial insults’ such as’ house n ** **** ‘

  • Kemi Badenoch said that “terrible abuse” had been done to members of Cred
  • The Commission Report on Racial and Ethnic Inequalities sparked left-wing anger
  • Authors said Britain’s success should be a model for white-majority countries

The Equality Secretary accused Labor MPs of trying to undermine the authors of a controversial racism report today, as she revealed they had been exposed to death threats and racist slurs.

Kemi Badenoch said there was “terrible abuse” against members of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities (Cred) following her report on UK racial relations.

Cred, which was founded by the prime minister in the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter protests last summer, concluded that while Britain is not yet a ‘post-racial society’, its success should serve as a model for white-faced countries. majority.

Ms. Badenoch clashed with senior Labor MPs this afternoon in a fiery clash in the House of Commons when she said the government “ rejected attempts in bad faith to undermine the credibility of this report. ”

‘The government condemns even more vigorously the highly personal and racial attacks against the commissioners, including death threats, and in fact a member of the opposition banks presented commissioners as members of the Ku Klux Klan,’ she added, the latter referring to criticism. from Labour’s Clive Lewis.

“An example of the very online racial hatred and abuse on which the report itself recommends taking more action by the government.”

She continued: “It is wrong to accuse those who advocate a different approach as racism deniers or racial traitors. It’s even more irresponsible – more dangerous – to call people of ethnic minorities racial insults like Uncle Toms, coconuts, house slaves or house n ****** because they dare to think otherwise. ‘

Kemi Badenoch said members of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities (Cred) had been “ terribly abused ” as she revealed that the authors of the report had been threatened with death.

Shadow Equality Minister Marsha de Cordova presented the report, saying: 'Choosing data is misleading and incoherent'

Shadow Equality Minister Marsha de Cordova presented the report, saying: ‘Choosing data is misleading and incoherent’

Labour's Dawn Butler called the report 'gaslighting on a national scale'.

Labour’s Dawn Butler called the report ‘gaslighting on a national scale’.

The government-commissioned report, published March 31, said that while racism is a ‘real force’, Britain is no longer a country where the ‘system has been deliberately rigged against ethnic minorities’.

The chairman, Dr. Sewell, who was born in Brixton to Jamaican parents of the Windrush generation and founded the charity Generating Genius, said the UK has become a ‘successful multi-ethnic and multicultural community’ and a ‘beacon for the rest of Europe ‘. and the world ‘.

However, he was forced to emphasize last week that he did not deny the existence of racism in the country amid a fierce reaction from left-wing activists and MPs, including Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer.

Critics called the investigation a “ whitewash ” after finding no conclusive evidence of institutional racism. Instead, the report said factors such as geography, family influence, socioeconomic background, culture, and religion have a greater impact on life opportunities than racism.

Ms. Badenoch clarified the report’s findings, saying that it did not deny the existence of institutional racism, but found no conclusive evidence for it in the areas surveyed.

She said the prime minister has created a new inter-ministerial group to review the report’s 24 recommendations, which will be chaired by the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

The government is working to provide a response by the summer.

But shadow equality minister Marsha de Cordova said the report has been discredited not by actors acting in bad faith, but by experts.

She said: “The selection of data is misleading and incoherent, the conclusions are ideologically motivated and divisive, it is absolutely clear to all of us on this side of Parliament and to all of civil society that this report is not credible.”

And Labour’s Dawn Butler called the report ‘gaslighting on a national scale.

The former shadow women and equality minister told the Commons, “The New Age of Empire page 95 tells us exactly what is happening. This is Why I Resistance by Dr Shola, page 103, explains about racial gatekeepers that Byline Times’ Musa Okwonga talks about.

‘And my question to the minister is: the government has sent a clear message well in advance of this report. Why did the government do that? ‘

Kemi Badenoch replied, “I find it disgusting that a Member of this Parliament stands up and accuses people of being racial gatekeepers.”

She added that this is “ the same nonsense we’ve heard over and over again, ” including “ calling people house negroes and house slaves and calling them racial gatekeepers. ”