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Minister Andrew Giles to look at Aneesh family case before they are deported over son’s disability

Cruel reason why this family is being deported after living in Australia for seven years

  • The Aneesh family moved to Perth seven years ago
  • Their son Aaryan has Down syndrome
  • They are in danger of being deported because of his disability

An Indian family who have lived in Australia for seven years have been told to pack up and leave, with immigration declaring their son with Down syndrome a ‘burden’ on the health system.

Aneesh Kollikkara and Krishna Aneesh, who have made a home in south Perth with their two children, are devastated to be evicted next Wednesday after their application for permanent residence was rejected.

Both Ms. and Mr. Aneesh work in critical industries facing staff shortages – Ms. Aneesh in cybersecurity and Mr. Aneesh in critical telecommunications.

But pen pushers at the Immigration Department ruled that Aaryan, 10, could potentially add too much of a price to the taxpayer-funded healthcare system.

The devastated family said they found the government’s finding “sickening and competent.”

Aneesh Kollikkara (left), Krishna Aneesh (right) and their children Aaryan (center right) and Aaryasree (center left) will be evicted next Wednesday

Immigration rejected the Aneesh family's permanent residency due to Aaryan's (above) 'high cost' disability

Immigration rejected the Aneesh family’s permanent residency due to Aaryan’s (above) ‘high cost’ disability

However, the family found new hope on Tuesday after learning their case is being reviewed by Federal Immigration Secretary Andrew Giles.

A online petition for the family to stay in Australia has collected more than 26,000 signatures since its inception last week.

Ms Aneesh said her family has never used the taxpayer funded funds available in Australia to help Aaryan.

“We are eligible for NDIS and Medicare, but we have not been able to access anything for Aaryan through NDIS,” she shared ABC.

“(The government) have clearly stated that it is a financial burden on the community and all taxpayers here in Australia if we get permanent residency.

“We can say that we pay more in our own taxes and that we contribute to society.”

The government estimated that Aaryan’s disability could cost $664,000 over 10 years.

Ms. Aneesh added that it would be very difficult for Aaryan and his eight-year-old sister Aaryasree to adjust to life in India.

The Immigration Department rejected the Aneesh family's (above) application for permanent residency, saying their son Aaryan's disability would be a

The Immigration Department rejected the Aneesh family’s (above) application for permanent residency, saying their son Aaryan’s disability would be a “burden” on the taxpayer

The family (above) said they never had access to taxpayer-funded funds for 10-year-old Aaryan's Down Syndrome

The family (above) said they never had access to taxpayer-funded funds for 10-year-old Aaryan’s Down Syndrome

“The culture, the society, everything here is very different from India and also it will be very difficult for Aaryan to survive there because of[his disability],” she said.

The family further explained their situation in their online petition.

“While Aaryam is currently unable to access services, and it is unlikely he ever will, he is rated as ‘high cost’ which seems unfair,” they said.

“By working in critical industries and paying significant amounts of tax, any taxpayer-funded services Aaryan might need would be well covered by our contributions.

“We now face the prospect of leaving our homeland and returning to India, which would have a detrimental effect on our children’s development.

“We have no family or support network in India and we fear for Aaryan’s future. We are concerned about the quality of medical care Aaryan will receive, the stigma he will face and the opportunities he will miss.”

Federal Immigration Minister Andrew Giles (above) is the Aneesh family's last hope to stay in Australia

Federal Immigration Minister Andrew Giles (above) is the Aneesh family’s last hope to stay in Australia

The family closed the petition with a final appeal for help: “Help us give Aaryan the best possible future. It’s not fair for our family to be punished just because of Aaryan’s condition.”

Thousands of Australian taxpayers said in the comments that they had ‘no problem’ paying for the hard-working family’s stay in Australia.

Hundreds more called on the government to act with “compassion,” saying the reason for rejecting the family’s application bordered on “discrimination.”

Secretary Andrew Giles is the family’s last hope before they are evicted.