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Minecraft update 1.20 is now available for all players -WhatsNew2Day


The Mojang development team is currently working on finalizing the highly anticipated Minecraft update, Trails and Tales.

The developers have released the final pre-release version “Pre-release” for Update 1.20 Which players will receive after the release of the Trails and Tales update, so the studio has almost finished introducing new mechanics into the gameplay, and will now focus on fixing bugs.

Mojang has temporarily stopped releasing preview versions of the update on a regular basis, and beta versions will soon be released as soon as they are ready. For example, in the first pre-final build, the developer of Minecraft fixed an old bug dating back to 2012 where interacting with the end portal would not cause animation errors.

Pre-release means a version of an update that is incomplete or premature, and is often only available for trial or promotion of the game. For example, YouTubers and content creators in video games get a preview of the game before the official announcement.

Main features of the Minecraft Trails and Tales update

It usually takes Developer: Mojang Several weeks to improve the final builds from the pre-release versions, we can assume that Minecraft will get the Trails and Tales update in the first half of June this year.

  • Some players complained about various problems that they get while playing, such as sudden stops and exits from the game, which will no longer happen after installing the update.
  • The update will fix issues with all Blocks commands and Teleport commands.
  • Fixed an issue with voting up when the player is in sequence mode, this issue got critical reference number MCPE-167559.
  • The update will also fix an issue with the two-player split screen mode. So that when a player opens his inventory, the image of the other player on the same screen is affected, and this problem also got a reference number, which is MCPE-168610.
  • Solve the problem of low Gast Volume items and the distance of the sound itself. Well this problem got a reference number which is MCPE-168324.
  • The update will address another rare issue of doubling the number of items in the inventory when the player uses the touch controls instead of pressing. This issue also has the reference number MCPE-166866.

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