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Minecraft releases on Chromebooks: all you need to do


After months of beta testing, Minecraft has officially started Chromebooks. You can now play the Bedrock edition of the game on ChromeOS as an Android app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. With this version you have access to the Minecraft marketplaceRealms and latest features.

If you want to play Minecraft on you Chrome book, there are several purchase options available, but none are free. If you already have Minecraft for Android and are signed into the same Google account on your Chromebook, you can buy Minecraft for Chromebook at a discounted price of $13.

You can also purchase a bundle that includes both the Chromebook and Android versions of the game for $20. However, please note that your previous worlds and purchases will not transfer to the Chromebook version and you will need a Microsoft account needs to access the game.

The latest version of Chromebook now includes access to Minecraft Marketplace and the latest Trails & Tales update. This update introduces new mobs and blocks, as well as the ability to leave messages for friends on editable hanging boards.

If you’re interested in playing Minecraft on your Chromebook, you’ll be happy to know that it supports cross-play with other game editions on Android, Xbox, WindowsAnd Nintendo switch. With cross-play, users can enjoy both Create mode, where they can build with an unlimited number of blocks, and the Survival mode, where they can hunt resources.

To run the game, your Chromebook must be running ChromeOS 111, at least 4GB of RAM, 1GB of free storage, and a processor equal to or better than an Intel Celeron N4500, Intel i3-7130U, Mediatek MT8183, Qualcomm SC7180, AMD Ryzen 3 3250C. The good news is that almost all Chromebooks released in the past three years, regardless of budget, mid-range, or high-end, should meet these requirements.

Previously, Chromebook users could only access the older ones Java version and the Education Edition.


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