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Minecraft Legends gets a lot of criticism on Steam and the culprits are quickly found – WhatsNew2Day


Negative Steam Reviews for Minecraft Legends are currently piling up. Some points of criticism are mentioned again and again.

Everything could be so beautiful since April 18, 2023. Minecraft fans and strategy players could hug each other, start fun matches and make new friends. But instead, the young world of Minecraft Legends is already covered in dark shadows.

The reason is negative user reviews on Steam. Currently, the game has over 500 reviews only one Balanced, just 67 percent of the reviews are positive.

In our test, we found the strategy game to have a lot of potential for fun and have little to complain about:

Three main culprits cause disappointed reactions

So why is it that so many Steam buyers are disappointed or even upset? Depending on the expectations you have of Minecraft Legends, you may regret the purchase after a short time.

The reason lies in the game design: Because who in the term Real Time Strategy Game now a complex gaming experience as expected in Company of Heroes 3, look into the tube. Minecraft Legends is a deliberately simple gaming experience that aims to convince less through tactical depth and more through relaxed gameplay.

Apparently, many Steam users have underestimated this simple approach and are now annoyed about the lack of demand and the repetitive gameplay over time. In addition, two other points are often criticized:

  • The control: We also criticized this point in our test. Many gamers are bothered by the cumbersome controls via mouse and keyboard.
  • Matchmaking in PvP: Minecraft Legends sorts the teams for a PvP match without considering friend lists. As a result, it’s almost impossible to play on a team with all of your friends, as some will always get put on the opposing team. In addition, due to the lack of text or voice chat, it is difficult to communicate with each other.

Build less, fight more - Minecraft Legends surprises with more RTS depth than expected

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12:37 p.m

Build less, fight more – Minecraft Legends surprises with more RTS depth than expected

This is what the Steam users say

Let’s let those affected speak for themselves. Steam user Decay Dragon complained about the very short campaign of four hours, not worth mentioning. According to the user woefulness offer the game just not enough content to justify the price tag. As a reminder, Minecraft Legends is sold at an RRP of €50.

The lack of team play features are mainly Zo’s an eyesore – especially because the game was advertised differently in advance:

Much of the promotional content for this game really does mention teamwork as the main aspect of the game, but there’s no text or voice chat. Also, it’s extremely difficult to play with friends in versus mode.

Users are very ambivalent phaxtolgia the situation. He did enjoy Minecraft Legends, but that couldn’t hide the weaknesses:

I honestly have mixed feelings. While I really enjoyed the game, there are glaring issues holding it back, such as: B. no chat in multiplayer mode, a single player session cannot be paused, PvP games only last an hour on average and much more.

How is the situation with you? Do you own Minecraft Legends and are you satisfied with the game, or do you also regret the purchase due to the criticisms listed in the article? Or are completely different shortcomings spoiling the fun of playing in the world of blocks? Either way: Feel free to write us your thoughts on the topic in the comments!

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