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Minecraft: archeology expert complains about small inaccuracies, patch fixes it promptly – WhatsNew2Day


Archeology in Minecraft was good, but now it’s even better. A small change should make experts happy.

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Despite the blocky look, Minecraft is pretty realistic. The most recent example of this is probably the archeology feature, which was originally announced back in 2020 but won’t make its final appearance in the near future. The update can already be played via snapshot.

How archeology works in Minecraft and what attention was paid to small details, the real archaeologist Heather Christie has already for the YouTube channel ArchaeoPlays scrutinized. A small inaccuracy has not escaped herwhich developer Mojang quickly reworked with the latest patch for Minecraft.

sherds instead of shards

What was the problem? With the archeology feature, players can recently unearth antique potsherds – pardon me, shards of clay (to which GameStar user Anberlin draws attention in the comments) – which in English have the name pottery shards heard. According to Heather Christie, however, this is not or was not correct, as usually only broken glass is considered shards be designated.

Christie explains in the video that real-world archaeologists typically use fragments of clay as pottery sherds, pot stoves or sherd designate – i.e. with an E instead of an As. The expert admits that she is a bit picky about this detail, but incorrect in the context of the real profession of archeology. You can watch the relevant passage at minute 16:01 in the following video:

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Developers respond to feedback: Apparently the Mojang developers listened to feedback from a real archaeologist. Because with the latest patch for Minecraft or its snapshot, pottery shards are now actually as pottery sherds and no longer than pottery shards designated.

What else is happening in Minecraft right now: Update 1.20 brings archeology and other new features to Minecraft, but currently has no final release date. However, you can already try it out via snapshot, which was lifted to version 23W16a with the latest update.

The official patch notes can be found on page 2 of this article.

What do you think of the small but nice change to the new archeology feature in Minecraft: Are you happy that the feedback from real experts is taken seriously and that Minecraft works realistically with it? Or would this change not have been necessary in your opinion? Let us know in the comments!

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