Millie Mackintosh strolls topless in a thong with an animal print while on vacation in Indonesia on the 19th


GIFT – January: The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort – £ 1290 per night

Millie jumped on the second part of her honeymoon with husband Hugo Taylor, in which she thanked the resort for receiving & # 39; from her & # 39 ;.

GIFT – January: Soho Farmhouse – £ 350 per night

The lucky star was invited during a weekend away at the exclusive location where it was hosted by bargain designer site The Outnet.

GIFT – January: Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel in Azerbaijan – £ 3000 for a seven-night package

In anticipation of the BAFTA & # 39; s in February, Millie was welcomed for a detox vacation, in which she wrote in a jiffy: & # 39; They kindly invited me to experience the #chenotmethod in preparation for the bafta awards & # 39 ;.


WORKING – MARCH: Arctic TreeHouse Hotel in Finland – £ 250 per night

During her stay in Finland, Millie tagged herself in snaps from her & # 39; Persreis & # 39; to the luxury resort. It is unknown on which press publication she worked in collaboration, but she worked with Lumene skin care

GIFT – March: The Body Camp in Ibiza – £ 1500 for a seven-night package

Millie enjoyed an outing at The Body Camp Ibiza, where she noticed her stay: & # 39; A truly transformational week & # 39 ;. In her captions, she was sure to thank her hosts for her stay, while she also shared a large number of her photos on Instagram.


The social media star was brought to Madrid to announce her ambassadorial role with flip-flop brand Ipanema. She shared a snap on a moped to reveal the collaboration.

GIFTS – April: The Liming Bequia in St. Vincent and the Grenadines – £ 1118 per night


Millie littered her social media accounts with 12 snaps from her trip to St Vincent, in which she tagged the company where she was hosted and & # 39; AD & # 39; hashtagde on a series of her posts.

GIFT – May: The Gara Rock Hotel in Devon – £ 225 per night

Millie opted for a stay and was treated to a generous stay in Devon, where she enjoyed a helicopter while taking in the local culture.

WORKING – May: Hotel Martinez In The Unbound Collection By Hyatt in Cannes£ 700 a night

Millie went to the Cannes film festival in May, where she collaborated with Magnum and shared a number of posts about the ice cream brand and where she organized their Cannes Dipping Bar. She joined a legion of stars at the glitzy event.


PERSONAL – May: Retreat East in Suffolk – £ 195 per night

Millie went to the idyllic rural club of members of private members in Suffolk for a weekend getaway, in which she wrote a caption on one of her photos: & # 39; Retreated east for the weekend @ retreateast & # 39; . It is assumed that the trip was paid for in person, because she did not mention it as an advertisement.

PERSONAL – May: Rome Cavalieri, a Waldorf Astoria Resort in Rome – £ 221 per night

To celebrate her husband Hugo's 33rd birthday, the couple left for Rome, where they stayed at the lush resort before Millie left for Lake Como. Again, it is assumed that the trip was paid for personally, because it did not mention it as an advertisement.

WORKING – May: Lake Como


As part of her work as a Lancôme ambassador, Millie went to work on a sun-drenched trip to Lake Como after her break with Hugo. She went to Instagram to thank the cosmetics giant for her stay.

PERSONAL – June: Provence

Millie then went with Hugo to Provence for days of French pleasure while sharing a series of photos from the trip, holding garlic and dancing in front of a castle. While she was away, she used time to stop her Ipanema relationship.

WORKING – June: Paris

Through her work with hair giant Kérastase, Millie was taken on a trip to Paris, where she went on a river cruise with the brand. She is the UK for their Extensionist program.


WORKING – July: Paris

Her next trip brought her to Paris again, when she was radiated to call in the collaboration of Zendaya with Millie & # 39; s old branch Lancôme.

GIFT – JULY: Retreat East in Suffolk – £ 195 per night

To celebrate her 30th birthday, Millie threw an exuberant birthday party in Retreat East, where she thanked many brands for their gifted items, including those from Retreat East.

She added a caption: & # 39; This is the last of my bday messages I promise! Thank you to everyone who made it so memorable and for all the beautiful messages. Special thanks to [Retreat East] for providing the perfect party location.

PERSONAL – July: The LifeCo Well-Being Bodrum in Turkey – £ 237 per night

After her exuberant birthday bash, Millie revealed that she was on her way to Turkey to start a detox in the lavish The LifeCo Well-Being center.

She went to Instagram to pen: & # 39; After surrendering and rushing over the past two months, I thought it was time to reconnect and reset. I follow the master detox program for 5 days, consisting of shakes and herbal supplements. I am excited to see how I feel, follow my stories for daily updates & # 39;

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