Millie Mackintosh cuts a VERY stylish figure in a cream faux fur coat and heels as she goes shopping

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Millie Mackintosh cuts a VERY stylish figure in a cream faux fur coat and heels as she goes shopping – after revealing she is three months sober

Millie Mackintosh looked fabulous as she enjoyed some shopping in London Tuesday. 

The 33-year-old former Made in Chelsea star looked elegant in a cream fauxfur coat that she teamed with matching trousers. 

Millie, who recently celebrated three months sobriety after giving up alcohol to help with her anxiety, shopped with a female friend and picked up some goods. 

Turning Heads: Millie Mackintosh Cut A Very Stylish Figure In A Cream Faux Fur Coat And Heels As She Went Shopping In London On Tuesday

Millie Mackintosh turned heads as she went shopping for shoes and a cream faux fur coat in London on Tuesday.

The brunette beauty wore an orange sweater over her jacket and beige high heels boots to complete the look.

She She wore natural-looking makeup with her long, straight hair. 

As she took out a bag of Kerastase products, the mother-of-2 looked relaxed. 

Hot To Trot: The Brunette Beauty Wore A Cream Sweater Underneath Her Jacket And Completed The Look With Beige High Heeled Boots

Hot to trot: The brunette beauty wore a cream sweater underneath her jacket and completed the look with beige high heeled boots

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Looking After Herself: Earlier This Month, Millie Gave Fans An Update After Giving Up Alcohol Amid Her Battle With Anxiety

Millie gives an update to her fans after quitting alcohol during her anxiety battle.

What is anxiety? 

Anxiety is a natural part of human life. It can affect different people in different ways.

Although stress can fluctuate, anxiety can persist and not always be attributed to a cause.

Anxiety, along with depression, is the most common mental-health condition in Britain, affecting 8.2million people in 2013.

These symptoms may include:

An increase in heart rate and tension in the muscles

Hyperventilation and dizziness


The chest should be covered with a tight band.

Tension headaches

Hot flushes


‘Jelly legs’


Feeling like you’re choking

Tingling in the feet and hands

Some signs and symptoms of psychological disorders include:

You think you are crazy or losing control?

Thinking you may die or get ill

Feel like people are staring at your face

Feeling disconnected from others or on the edge

Millie shared an update earlier this month after quitting alcohol during her anxiety battle. 

She revealed at the time that she was 12 months sober and said that drinking was a ‘huge trigger’ for her anxiety. 

She began taking medication in August to improve her mental health.

She spoke about her decision to quit alcohol and the health benefits that she has seen since quitting.

“I had a breakthrough in therapy, and I decided to quit drinking alcohol. Although I didn’t want it to be known, it was a major trigger for my anxiety. It has an immediate negative effect on me mental health. Right now, I want to feel my best and find happiness in my life, and not try to escape it.

Continue: “It’s been twelve weeks and I’m enjoying sober living, not missing the hanxiety’. I feel more energised and my skin looks great. I also sleep much better.

Millie then went on to say that she might return to drinking in future. She also asked if her followers had done the same.

“Now, I don’t mean I won’t drink alcohol again. I just said that at the moment, I don’t and I will continue to do so. Is anyone else done with alcohol? What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear more from sober, curious people.

Millie gave an overview of her anxiety medication journey and revealed that, while it has helped her mental health, it has also made her feel more ’emotionally numb.’

Writing: ‘Generally, I feel less anxious, which is great. I still take my SSRI medication, but I recently decreased my dosage because I felt a bit disconnected and emotionally numb. This can apparently affect around 30% of people.

“I will be watching how it goes over the next couple of weeks, possibly coming off my meds before the end the year. Then you can either keep them off or try new ones.

“It’s a difficult decision, because I’m really benefitting from it and I’m no longer living in constant anxiety or fear of panic attacks. But I still want to feel all the good feelings! She concluded.

Contact us to get help with anxiety. Samaritans Call 0808 164 0123 to make an appointment or visit a branch.

'I Had A Breakthrough In Therapy And Decided To Stop Drinking Alcohol, I Didn'T Want To Admit It But It'S A Huge Trigger For My Anxiety. It Has An Instant Negative Effect On My Mental Health,' She Penned

“I had a breakthrough in therapy, and decided to quit drinking alcohol. I didn’t want it to be known but it was a major trigger for my anxiety. It has an immediate negative effect on me mental health,” she wrote.

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