Millennials Now Own More Pets Than Boomers Here Are 7 Dog Breeds That Are Perfect For People Born Between 1981 And 1996

Millennials have always had a special bond with their dogs, from finding the coziest dog beds to buy accessories approved by the queen herself and even them as integral parts in Halloween Festivities. When it comes to raising their pets, millennials are all about it. And it looks like the enthusiasm isn’t going to wane any time soon. Over the past year and a half, the pandemic puppy has become a huge trend. Whether it was for companionship – due to the fact that most of us couldn’t see our loved ones for months – or because we avoided other responsibilities, such as raising a human child, there has been a tremendous growth in the adoption of dogs, and it seems that millennials are leading the way.

According to a study conducted by YPulse— a Gen Z and millennial-focused research company — millennials are officially at the top of the list when it comes to owning pets, surpassing boomers. YPulse found that 76 percent of 20- to 38-year-olds own a pet, with more than half reporting having dogs (and 35 percent having cats). And since there are currently more millennials than boomers, that means the majority of the largest living generation have pets in their homes.

But millennials don’t just adopt pets and then subject them to plain old kibble and an annual vet appointment and let it go. This dog-loving generation also gives their four-legged friends top-notch care, especially during these trying times. A 2020 study conducted by robber found that 33 percent of millennials say they spent more on their dog during the pandemic, compared to just 10 percent boomers. The majority of boomers (78 percent) revealed they spend the same amount of money as usual on their dogs.

Thinking about getting a dog but don’t know where to start? Check out these seven dog breeds that are ideal for millennials, according to the American Kennel Club.

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7 Dog Breeds Perfect for Millennials

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Ideal for the millennial who is a sports fanatic, Australian Shepherds will never let you train alone. This energetic breed will happily join you for a jog or a weekend walk, as they need to play and exercise a lot on their own.

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New Yorkers and Angelenos, listen up. Averaging 10 to 25 pounds and about 16 inches tall, Boston terriers are the perfect dogs to adopt if you live in a small apartment. The AKC notes that their exercise requirements are quite minimal, so a nice walk around the neighborhood will suffice. Plus, they are quite quiet and usually keep to themselves, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your roommates.

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Small but mighty, these tiny pups are great for apartment dwellers who don’t mind having a little chatter in their home as they are moderately active. Known for their adaptable nature, friendly demeanor and feisty personalities, Dachshunds would be a good fit whether you bring them in a family with children or ride them alone.

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Sure, they might be a little stubborn, but hey, isn’t that one of the defining traits of millennials anyway? (We will never not bear) skinny jeans!) These very independent canines may not sit when you want them to sit or fetch when commanded, but they are known for being on the quiet side and are very attentive to their people.

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If their chunky legs and little toddles down the hall won’t put a smile on your face, then their ultra-cuddly personalities certainly will. Corgis are known for being one of the friendliest breeds of dogs, making them a great companion to have when a severe case of deja virus hits. And unlike Shiba Inus, these guys are super easy to train.

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Another pick for the highly athletic millennials out there, Belgian Malinois is all about staying active. Take them for a run on the beach or keep them by your side while training for a marathon, these gentle giants keep up with it with ease. Not only are they highly energetic, but they are also the ultimate watchdogs. Averaging anywhere from 55 to 66 pounds, these dogs are fiercely loyal and very protective of their owners.

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Dog person or not, everyone loves a schnauzer and it’s simply because of their innate charm and friendly personalities. These pups are known for their infectious energy and wild sense of adventure, so feel free to bring them along if you have a new bucket list destination for your next vacation.

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