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Miley Cyrus clarifies her stance on not wanting to tour: “It’s not the best thing for me right now”


Miley Cyrus clarifies her reason why she no longer has a “desire” to go on extensive headlining tours.

The “Flowers” singer took to Instagram on Wednesday to express her love and appreciation for fans, but also to point out just how hard touring can actually be.

“To be clear, I feel connected by fans NOW more than ever,” she wrote. “If I win, WE win. Even though I don’t see them face to face at a concert every night, my fans are felt deep in my heart. I am constantly creating and innovating new ways I can stay connected with the audience I love – without sacrificing my own essentials.”

She continued, “Performing for YOU was one of the best days of my life and we will continue this journey together as we have for the past nearly two decades. This has nothing to do with a lack of appreciation for the fans and everything to do with the fact that I just don’t want to get ready in a dressing room. That is the reality of life on the road.”

Her response comes after comments she made during an interview with British Vogue, where she said she’s not sure if she can see herself doing tours in the near future. This confused many fans, especially those who expected Cyrus to tour after the release of her latest studio album, Endless summer vacationin March.

“It’s been a minute,” she said in the interview for the magazine’s cover story. “After the last (headline arena) show I did (in 2014), I saw it more as a question. And I can’t. Not just ‘can’t’, because not being able to is your ability, but my desire. Do I want to live my life for the pleasure or fulfillment of someone other than my own?” … leaving the answer to that question up in the air.

The Grammy-nominated singer further explained on Instagram that the logistics that come with touring just don’t fit into her lifestyle right now. “These looks I’ve created don’t fit well,” she explained. ‘The archive doesn’t look good. I just don’t want to sleep on a moving bus. It is not the best for me NOW.”

But Cyrus reminded fans that her mind can always change along the way. “If you’ve followed my career, you know I’m always changing and the way I think about it could be too,” she said. “I love you forever, I’m just on my Endless summer vacation.”

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