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Mikhail Dvornikov – what income from real estate

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Real estate maintenance in Switzerland

The main thing a foreigner who wants to buy a home in Switzerland needs to know is that, according to the federal law Lex Koller, it is forbidden. That is, it is not allowed to invest directly in residential property, even through a holding company. The right to purchase a house or apartment for your own use appears at the time of granting a permanent residence permit. But not everything is hopeless: foreigners who do not even have a residence permit, may purchase in Switzerland, commercial real estate or resort accommodation. A family can own one “object for recreation”, after obtaining permission from the cantonal authorities. About what taxes will have to pay, how much the “public utilities” and life in the country, read our article.

When talking about buying real estate in Switzerland, it is necessary to distinguish two cases.

  1. A) The person is not a resident of Switzerland

Residence permit is not required., for example, must have a Schengen visa, and can stay in the country a maximum of 180 days per year (not more than 90 days in each half year).

must have adequate travel medical insurance. Non-residents are not accepted by the domestic health insurance system in Switzerland.

There is no obligation to pay income and wealth tax in Switzerland. But if you have a commercial or tourist property and you get rental income, you have to pay tax on profits.

Non-residents can only buy commercial, tourist real estate, or few properties with Ausländerbewilligung (special permit to sell to foreigners).

  1. B) The person is a resident of Switzerland

For this, the person must have a permanent residence permit (Aufenthaltsbewilligung B). By the way, it is very difficult to obtain one for non-EU citizens.

The person must contribute to the internal Swiss social security system. This includes health, accident and pension insurance (contributions are made until the age of 65).

Income and estate tax must be paid in full.

Non-EU citizens can, with their Aufenthaltsbewilligung B, purchase one residential property in Switzerland for personal use, and another as a holiday or rental residence. EU citizens buy property in the country without restrictions.