Mike Tyson puts his name forward for a new psychedelic drug trial

“I would love the opportunity to be a Guinea Pig!”Mike Tyson submits his name for a new psychedelic drugs trial. He claims he is eager to try out the “new technology” that injects a hallucinogenic drug’straight into your bloodstream.

  • Mike Tyson, 56 years old, said that he would love to be a “guineapig” in the new drug trials 
  • The ex-boxing champion would like DMTX, a psychedelic medication.
  • Tyson is excited to try out the new “technology that delivers DMT by drip”.
  • The drug is injected straight into the bloodstream and lasts approximately one hour.

Mike Tyson said that he would love to be a “guineapig” in the new trial of a psychedelic medication called DMTX. 

The former heavyweight boxing champion-turned cannabis entrepreneur has said he would be interested in testing out the new ‘technology which ‘delivers DMT by drip to volunteers’. 

Tyson put his name forward for the new drug, which is injected ‘straight into the bloodstream and last for an hour, while speaking to British expert and author Graham Hancock. 

Mike Tyson has said he would ‘love’ to be a ‘guinea pig’ in the new trial for a psychedelic drug

Tyson told Hancock that it was DMTX, but it has not been widely known. DMTX is a fast journey. It takes 12, 15 minutes. Rocket ship to the other side.

They have a technology that allows DMT to be delivered by drip to volunteers. These volunteers are taking long journeys to the DMT realm. They come back with the same observations.

Tyson – who became the first heavyweight to hold the WBA, WBC and IBF belts and later became the lineal champion, before retiring from boxing after losing his last fight, to Kevin McBride in 2005 – said: ‘I want to do that one, the drip.’

Hancock continued, “It’s almost like they’re mapping another world.” It doesn’t wear out, it goes directly into the bloodstream. It lasts about an hour.

Tyson Put His Name Forward For The New Drug, Which Is Injected 'Straight Into The Bloodstream And Last For An Hour, While Speaking To British Expert And Author Graham Hancock

Tyson was the first to submit his name for the new drug. It is injected straight into the bloodstream and lasts for an hour.

The Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Has Become A Cannabis Entrepreneur

Tyson’s Business Ventures Include Two Brands Of Cannabis Under His Tyson Ranch Brand Name

Former heavyweight boxing champion and cannabis entrepreneur, he said he was interested in trying out the new technology that ‘delivers DMT via drip to volunteers. 

Tyson, while speaking on The Fighter and The Writer podcasts, asked: “How can I get that stuff?”‘. 

Hancock replied, “You should talk to Imperial College in London. They might be interested in speaking with you.”

The ex-American boxer replied, “I could be one those guineapigs.” That would be something I would love to do.

N,N-Dymethyltriptamine (DMT) is one of the world’s most powerful known hallucinogens.

DMT, which is similar to drugs such as LSD and Psilocybin has been shown to be able to increase connectivity among different brain networks and improve synaptic flexibility.

Tyson Revealed In 2021 That He Had Used Toad Venom - Which Is An Illegal Schedule 1 Substance In The United States - A Total Of 53 Times In The Last Four Years

Tyson admitted in 2021 that in the four years prior to his death, he had used Toad Venom (an illegal Schedule 1 substance in America) 53 times.

Many mental health professionals and researchers believe that traditional therapy can help patients overcome emotional problems not helped by SSRIs.

However, substances such as Ayahuasca – which a psychedelic drink enjoyed by Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers – have been linked with side effects. 

In the latest study, published in the journal PLOS Global Public Health, scientists found that the majority of participants faced negative physical or mental effects.

Scientists found that vomiting was the most common side effect, which affected 62% of those involved.

With 28 percent, the second most common side effect was hearing or seeing other people see things. 21% felt isolated or alone.

Ayahuasca Is A Brown-Reddish Drink Made By Boiling Stems From Its Namesake Vine And Leaves From The Chacruna Shrub Together (Pictured)

Ayahuasca, a brown-reddish beverage made from boiling stems of its nameake vine and leaves of the Chacruna shrub (pictured)

Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Uses Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a popular treatment for celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and Miley C. Some believe it has healing benefits.

Other side effects included visual distortions (15%), nightmares (19%), and difficulty determining the reality (13%).

Nearly half of participants reported that they experienced headaches after drinking Ayahuasca. Up to four percent also claimed they suffered seizures or fainting.

You can read more about the effects of Ayahuasca and DMT here as the MailOnline dive into the science behind the substances. 

Tyson, the 56-year-old former heavyweight boxing champion-turned cannabis entrepreneur, claimed marijuana and magic mushrooms helped him end his wild lifestyle and find God.

Tyson also disclosed in 2021 that Tyson had used toadvenom, which is illegal in the United States Schedule 1 substance, 53 times over the past four years. 

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