Mike Tindall cuddles his kids at Australian zoo after I’m A Celebrity stint

November 29, 2022 at 14:02 GMT

Sharnaz Shahid

Mike Tindall has a wonderful reunion with Zara and their children Mia Lena and Lucas in Australia. Take a look…

Mike Tindall reunited recently with his loved ones after his three week stint in I’m A Celebrity Jungle.

The eighth contestant on Saturday, the rugby star, was seen relaxing at Sea. World Australia’s website Gold Coast on Sunday.

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Zara, Mike’s wife, was there to accompany him as he explored the park with his three children, Mia, Lena and Lucas, aged eight, four, and twenty-month-old son Lucas.

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There were many sweet moments. Mike, the father-in-law, came up to Lena and gave her a hug.

Mike with his children at Sea World Australia’s website Gold Coast on Sunday

According to family legends, the family spent approximately two hours in the park looking at penguins and then the children went into the water park.

This was just after Jill Scott had been crowned this year’s Queen Of The Jungle.

Zara Tindall and her three children travelled to Australia together

Mike spoke out on Monday’s Good Morning Britain about his family, saying that it was difficult to be away for three weeks from Zara and their three kids.

Mike replied to a question regarding his reunion with the royal.

He He revealed that she secretly wrote him a letter from home. He explained that she didn’t originally intend to send him the note. “I carry them very close to my surface and I try to put, in this situation, emotions down below.”

“I was trying get my brother to send the letter so he would take the mickey out more of me and it would be a grounding one rather than bringing it back to the surface. But she was sneaky on us. She She was sneaky, so I was a bit surprised.

The sports star said, “But we had great camp that got everybody through whatever the wobbles were and that was my greatest worry going into, being from that team background.

“If the dynamics weren’t right it would make for a terrible time, but I had 11 great friends there and that made for an awesome camp.”

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Corrie star Sue Cleaver was able to read Zara’s heartfelt message. Viewers will be able to recall it. The letter said: “Hi, my love, we are so missing you and really needing papa hugs. Glad you’re sharing them to your campmates.

“The girls enjoy sports and getting involved in everything, while the little man loves life, smashing it all, and learning new words. Z, M., L., and L. x.”

Mike’s absence was clearly evident. Zara sent a letter revealing that Zara noticed that Zara had written that Zara and her daughters were enjoying sports, and that Zara is learning new words.

Mike was also missing a special anniversary during his time in the jungle. Mike and Zara celebrated their son’s christening one year ago on the 21st of November.

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