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Mike Bloomberg fires a dump of the opposition investigation on Bernie Sanders for support of arms rights

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg has begun to switch off his opposition investigation into rival Bernie Sanders and to launch a destructive advertisement that will take him against his opposition to some arms control measures

Bloomberg has launched a new online advertisement on Monday that explodes Sanders for multiple votes against the Brady Bill, an important control measure for small arms, and for accepting support from the National Rifle Association.

Sanders has cited the views of gun owners in his national state, just like in a presidential discussion – only to allow Bloomberg to use his defense in the advertisement. A Bloomberg release quotes a surrogate, former mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings Blake, who says that Sanders “does not fight at all for urban Americans.”

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg uses his almost unlimited resources to tackle “frontrunner” Bernie Sanders – launches a destructive online attack on Sanders on Monday for fighting arms control measures, and pours more resources into his millions of TV advertising flitz.

The effort was a signal that Bloomberg plans to use its more than 2,000 campaign staff and huge TV spending blitz – with $ 400 million and more – to try and take on Sanders, who has mainly avoided being hammered by rivals despite strong and consistent performance in the polls.

Mike Bloomberg's campaign released on Bern Sander Monday for opposition to an important arms control measure

Mike Bloomberg’s campaign released on Bern Sander Monday for opposition to an important arms control measure

Bloomberg sends out surrogates, digs out opposition investigations and launches attack ads on the internet and TV broadcast waves, amid increasing pressure on the billionaire to engage the left-wing vanguard.

CNBC reported that senior Bloomberg assistants are planning a broad effort against Sanders after the attack on arms control.

After getting himself down by Senator Elizabeth Warren and others at the Las Vegas debate stage, Bloomberg focused on a Sanders vulnerability – his earlier opposition to some arms control measures and support from the National Rifle Association.

Sanders tried to get rid of the criticism during an earlier debate and noted that he represents a nationwide state where gun owners are in control – and the Bloomberg team used video of his defense in their own advertisement.

“In 2005 I signed a local law that allows New Yorkers to prosecute weapon manufacturers for criminal negligence. In the same year, Bernie voted to give gun manufacturers IMMUNITY – beyond my efforts to make NYers safer. Care to explain, Bernie? “Bloomberg tweeted Monday – kick off a series of attacks.

Then he went after the integrity of Sanders. “The NRA paved the way to Washington for Bernie Sanders. He spent the next three decades making sure they earned back their investment. We deserve a president who doesn’t stick to the gun lobby, “Bloomberg wrote.

The attack comes when prominent Democrats urged party power players to aggressively record Sanders during the remaining window before Super Tuesday – after other candidates had usually set fire to each other in candidate debates.

With multiple middle-class candidates and more centrist support among Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren, there is a chance that Sanders can march to the nomination with a strong show in South Carolina and Super Tuesday states, where a mass delegate distance is at stake.

The urgency is clear in the tone of Bloomberg’s new attack.

“The NRA has spent thousands of dollars to get Bernie Sanders to Congress and despite national attempts to put an end to arms violence, he continued to vote with them,” said campaign manager Kevin Sheekey, Bloomberg. “He voted against the Brady Bill five times, who set up background checks on firearm sales. He voted in favor of a law supported by the NRA that offered gun makers unprecedented immunity to legal action. He has voted to allow weapons on Amtrak, planes and in national parks. With gun violence becoming a permanent part of American life, Bernie Sanders stood on the sidelines. That’s why we need Mike Bloomberg who has shown time and time again that he is not afraid to take on the NRA, “he added.

Bloomberg made confronting the NRA a top cause during his three tenure as Mayor of New York, and has funded a nationwide urge for arms control measures. He praises that record in his own multi-million TV advertising campaign.

The campaign has also released statements from surrogates who attacked Sanders. “There is nothing in Sander’s record to indicate that he is going to do anything to make a gun rifle a priority. He does not fight at all for urban Americans. It makes no sense to vote for him, “said former mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings Blake, who supports Bloomberg.

The advertisement quotes NRA director Wayne LaPierre who Sanders calls “a more honorable choice for Vermont athletes than” his 1990 opponent, Republican Peter Smith.

Smith had changed positions and signed a bill to ban certain assault weapons. “The gun vote brought us down,” Judy Shailor, Smith campaign leader, told the Washington Post years later.

Link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/how-the-nra-helped-put-bernie-sanders-in-congress/2015/07/19/ed1be26c-2bfe-11e5-bd33-395c05608059_story.html

The movement comes after Sanders dominated the field in the caucuses of Nevada and still enjoys loyal support from his followers, even when a handful of centrist Democrats divided voices.

The arms issue puts Sanders – who accused Bloomberg’s own support for stop-and-fouk police work as “racist” in an “60-minute” Sunday interview – in defensive, after Bloomberg spent last week’s debate on attempts to make statements about women and for billionaire.