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Migrant Apprehensions Surpass a Fiscal Year Record

WASHINGTON — The number of migrants crossing the southwestern border fell for the second straight month in July, but the number in just the first 10 months of the government’s fiscal year has already surpassed the previous year’s total, a record, according to data released on Monday.

Unauthorized crossings generally decrease during the summer months. Still, the number of detentions per month remains higher than most in previous years. That pattern has continued since the spring of 2021, a trend Republicans blame on President Biden’s campaign promise to make immigrants more welcome than his predecessor, and on his administration’s policies.

By the end of June, border officials had detained people more than 1.74 million times, breaking the record for the total number during the government’s fiscal year 2021 of more than 1.73 million, the highest number of illegal illegals on record at the time. crossings since at least 1960. The government’s fiscal year ends September 30, and at this rate, the total number of crossings for the year is likely to exceed two million.

Officials estimate that about 18 percent of people detained in July were repeat offenders, a pattern some blame for the continued enforcement of a pandemic-driven public health order, which gives border officials the power to expel migrants at the border. but not penalized. crossing illegally.

Many of the migrants they encounter seek asylum, which was significantly curtailed by various policies during the Trump administration when there was also a spike in migration. One such policy is the use of the public health rule known as Title 42, which the Biden administration sought to end in late May.

On Monday, the Commissioner for Customs and Border Protection publicly acknowledged the humanitarian impact of the public health rule. In a Twitter postthe commissioner, Chris Magnus, said the policy, which has been held in place by order of the judge, “will impose a high cost on many asylum seekers.”

The high number of crossings comes as the United Nations says there are more displaced people worldwide than ever before. Migrants do everything they can to reach the United States and put their lives in the hands of smugglers. They are fleeing violence, poverty and life under authoritarian governments in their own countries. Many are looking to the United States for economic opportunities after many jobs were lost during the pandemic.

While about half of the migrants arrested at the southwestern border have been rejected under the public health order, the government has released hundreds of thousands of migrants in the country to undergo removal procedures. These immigrants are given temporary permission to stay because the government can’t immediately remove them – sometimes because the United States doesn’t have diplomatic relations with the countries they come from, so they can’t repatriate them, or there isn’t enough space to detain them. to keep.

“The border crisis has gotten out of hand,” Ohio Republican Representative Jim Jordan said in a… Twitter post on Monday.

Immigration remains a hot issue during the midterm elections this fall. A recent Gallup poll found that more people want an overall reduction in immigration than felt that way in 2020. Most of those who want less immigration identified as Republican, according to the findings.

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