Microsoft's secret dual-screen surface can run Android apps

Microsoft has been working on a secret new dual-screen Surface device for months. While the company is experimenting with smaller devices to be put in the pocket, it seems that Microsoft is settling for a slightly larger Surface device that could make its debut early next year. IHS Markit, a market research firm, now claims that Microsoft & # 39; s dual-screen Surface has two 9-inch displays with a 4: 3 aspect ratio, citing supply chain info, IHS Markit told Forbes that the device can be paid in the first quarter or the first half of 2020.


The device, codenamed Centaurus, is also reported to run Android apps as part of Microsoft's new Windows Core OS (WCOS) operating system. Microsoft has developed WCOS as the basis for a more lightweight version of Windows. This new operating system provides power to two-screen devices and Chromebook competitors. "Windows Lite", as it is coded internally, is a more stripped-down version of Windows that is initially prioritized for dual-screen devices such as Centaurus.

Microsoft & # 39; s Courier concept

Adding Android apps would be a surprising step for Microsoft, especially if this further undermines the company's Universal Windows Platform. Microsoft must create its own Android app store and convince developers that their apps must work without access to Google Play services. Huawei is in a similar position, and creating an alternative Android app store has not been successful for phone manufacturers, let alone laptop manufacturers.

IHS Markit also believes that Microsoft & # 39; s Two-Surface Surface Surface device will use the latest 10nm processors from Intel, with LTE or 5G connectivity. We understand that Microsoft is working closely with Intel on its Surface Centaurus device. Intel has encouraged OEM & # 39; s to make dual-screen hardware, and devices may resemble Microsoft & # 39; s Courier concept, laptops with two screens or even folding screens in the future.

Microsoft recently bullied this Surface device with two screens during an internal event where only employees are present. This indicates that the work has evolved to the stage that it could soon be shown in public. Microsoft loves to hold Surface events in New York City in October, and it's feasible that if this two-screen Surface device is running, this will be the location where we can take our first look at this new hardware.

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