Microsoft renews Outlook for Windows and online

<pre><pre>Microsoft renews Outlook for Windows and online

Microsoft has unveiled a number of changes to its Outlook e-mail client, both the Office application and the webmail service, with the aim of making it easier and more intuitive.

The Outlook application for Windows, which is part of Microsoft Office, will soon include a more streamlined ribbon interface. For anyone who has used Outlook and is frustrated by the messy ribbon bar that often hides useful tools and functions when you need them (we have experience here), this is a welcome step.

The Folders panel has also been modified to make folders easily accessible while you work, which is good news for people who want to keep their inbox organized. New messages will also be easier to recognize and read, with the reading window getting larger titles and smaller headers, giving more room to display the e-mail content. Responding to e-mails should also be easier and faster.

The calendar in Outlook also gets improvements, making it easier to add attendees to a meeting, and Outlook will also be able to monitor the availability of meeting rooms in your organization.

Web improvements

The website also gets improvements, making the search more useful by emphasizing people with whom you have regular contact. A new tab has also been added that allows you to find files quickly and easily instead of trawling through e-mails to find a specific attachment. also gets smart answers & # 39; and suggests a selection of quick responses to emails based on their content, which you can send with one click – Gmail has a similar function for a while.

The calendar in also has similar features as the Windows Outlook app in the form of meeting room availability and new icons that give you quick and easy to process information about upcoming events.

These are some valuable improvements for both versions of Outlook and it shows that Microsoft wants to keep its services sharp in the light of popular alternatives such as Thunderbird and Gmail.