Microsoft puts the sexy in unsexy software

I haven't used SharePoint for almost a decade, and I never thought I'd want to use it again voluntarily. That changed this week after Microsoft revealed its latest sizzle video. The software giant usually reserves these for new Surface hardware or flashy Windows and Office functions, but this latest (see above) is all about SharePoint innovations.


It is colorful, beautiful and makes SharePoint sexy instead of the boring intranet website that most people use. The Microsoft video also includes the bubbles that are part of the new SharePoint logo – part of a wider redesign of the company's Office icons that are now being implemented. It also contains a whole range of fluid design elements from Microsoft that are part of the company's intense pressure to open internally.

So why did Microsoft make such & # 39; n flashy video for SharePoint? The company held a SharePoint conference earlier this week and launched a new one SharePoint home sites function. It is a new landing site for a business intranet that combines news, events, content, video and even conversations. SharePoint is used by companies to encourage collaboration, and these new home sites look like a much more modern way to achieve this.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has used slender video & # 39; s to promote software that is not really trendy. Microsoft unveiled its new Windows Terminal earlier this month with Build, complete with a hissing clip. It is set to a tune full of bongos and hits from Hey Buko, a relatively unknown pop duo. A terminal and SharePoint are not exactly Surface products of the next generation, but Microsoft uses all the tools that make them look sexy.

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