Microsoft Outlook gets dark mode on mobile as part of a new appearance for Office

Microsoft has revealed that it worked almost a year ago on Outlook on a dark mode for mobile devices, and it is starting to arrive today. Both Outlook apps for iOS and Android include a new switch to turn on the dark mode, and the Android version also switches to the mode automatically when you switch on the energy-saving mode. The new option corresponds to Apple & # 39; s work in iOS 13 for a system-wide dark mode and Outlook on iOS and Android is updated today.


However, Outlook is not the only Microsoft mobile app that gets support in dark mode. Microsoft is making great efforts to bring the same dark theme to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner and To-Do for the launch of Apple iOS 13. Even the web version of is being updated today with a dark mode, and the web versions of OneDrive and Planner will soon receive the same treatment.

Microsoft's dark mode on the internet.

Microsoft has been working on Dark Mode for Outlook and more for most of a year, and it's not as easy as switching a switch to software. "Starting from the beginning and using the new gray palette for Fluent, our app teams began to adapt to the single palette," explains Jon Friedman, Head of Office Design at Microsoft. in a blog post. "This included increasing contrast, brand color saturation, and consistency between details such as how and when we use shadows in dark mode."

Microsoft has even made a sultry video to emphasize the broader focus on the dark mode for Office. The dramatic video is simply the newest in a series in which Microsoft has put the sexy in unsexy software again.

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