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Microsoft may take a “dangerous step” in order to complete the Activision deal -WhatsNew2Day


The acquisition deal is almost nearing its end, but the British CMA’s refusal is still blocking the deal, so Microsoft could consider withdrawing Activision from the UK market as an option to avoid the ban on the deal.

This is according to a report bloomberg The new, which stipulates that Microsoft President Brad Smith will meet with British consultant Jeremy Hunt next week to express his frustration with the British Competition and Markets Authority, or CMA, decision to prevent the acquisition of Activision. Microsoft confirmed that Smith will be in London and talk about the possibilities of artificial intelligence and the need for thoughtful regulation of it.

A spokesperson said he will also hold private discussions about other issues, such as the acquisition of Activision Blizzard where he says the company will remain committed to finding constructive ways to address regulatory concerns in the region.

Hunt has previously been critical of the CMA, telling a recent conference that the kingdom’s competition watchdogs must understand their “broader” responsibilities. However, Bloomberg claims that government ministers are also unhappy with some of Smith’s public criticisms of the CMA, because Smith believes the EU is a better place to do business than the UK.

Smith will allegedly meet with legal representatives of Microsoft to discuss the company’s strategy to counter the CMA’s decision this week. and to discuss plans such as pulling Activision out of the UK market, or bypassing the UK order and moving forward with the deal.

Although moving Activision to another European country outside the jurisdiction of CMA is a bold step that may entail many risks, especially since the British market is one of the largest markets that competitors can bet on, they can then continue to sell their games through specialized distributors in the Kingdom, so Players of the company’s UK titles need not worry.

Tell us your opinion, dear reader, would the decision to withdraw Activision from the British market be appropriate?

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