Microsoft is trying to get around scalpers by offering Xbox Series X and S to Xbox Insider members


Microsoft introduces a new “Console Purchase Pilot” program that lists selected Xbox Insider members the chance to register to pre-order an Xbox Series X or Series S console directly with the company through their existing Xbox One consoles.

The new program is only rolling out in the US for now, and even if you get the chance to sign up, it doesn’t mean you will actually be selected to buy one of the highly sought after consoles.

Customers will also need to use the Xbox Insider Hub app on an Xbox One console to both sign up for the Console Purchase Pilot and purchase the console itself – you cannot make the transaction on a PC, web browser, Xbox 360 , or Xbox Series X / S by design.

That means the program is deliberately targeting dedicated Xbox fans who already own an Xbox One console and want to upgrade, and it could help reduce scalpers. Introduced in 2016, the Xbox Insider Program allows dedicated Xbox fans to provide direct feedback to Microsoft and test future software updates and features prior to a wider public rollout.

And as next-gen consoles are expected to be hard to find in the coming months – with the latest update, Microsoft said it expected the new Xboxes to be hard to buy until at least June – testing new ways to deliver consoles directly to fans. to sell. is the best way to stop more units from entering the eBay aftermarket.