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Microsoft admits that PlayStation has better exclusives

Microsoft and Sony are still embroiled in a battle over the acquisition of Activision. Microsoft is doing everything it can to bring in the publisher of Call of Duty, while Sony wants to avoid the billion dollar deal. Striking: one of Microsoft’s arguments is that Sony has much better exclusives and will therefore not be affected by the takeover.

Microsoft argues that PlayStation has more and better exclusives than Xbox. According to Microsoft, Sony does not need Call of Duty at all to generate profit. Surprisingly so, because Microsoft even specifically states that ‘first-party PlayStation games are of higher quality’.

Painful for all Xbox Studios, who are now being told that their titles are not as good as those of the PlayStation Studios.

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According to Microsoft, Sony is therefore “the dominant player in the console market” and “a powerful game publisher”. Microsoft even states that Sony is about the same size as Activsion and almost twice the size of Xbox’s publishing division.

So Microsoft presents itself as the underdog to push through the Activision deal. A bit strange, because if you consider all departments of both publishers, Sony draws the short straw.

It remains to be seen what the result of the investigation will be, although the battle is being fought hard…


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