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Mick on his first experience with Mercedes: “I was shocked”


Watch, learn and develop: The tasks for Mick Schumacher in the 2023 Formula 1 season are different than in the two previous years. Nevertheless, the German enjoys his role on the Mercedes bench. Also because he notices things there that he knew nothing about before.

Although Mick Schumacher would rather be in the car every week of the current Formula 1 season and drive for points, he has long appreciated his role as a reserve driver at Mercedes. Working in the simulator as well as with Lewis Hamilton and George Russell is “fascinating,” the 24-year-old wrote in his diary on the Silver Arrows website.

“It’s an interesting period for me because I get to watch and work with two fantastic riders. You don’t get that chance very often. I’ve learned a lot about how to approach a race weekend. I feel like I already have a lot of knowledge won that I can apply to my skills,” wrote Schumacher.

Schumacher “pretty shocked” by the exchange

What particularly impressed Mick were the things that happen behind the scenes during a race and which neither the drivers nor the fans usually notice. “As a driver, you don’t usually get what’s going on between all the engineers. It was very interesting to listen to the sessions,” said the German, who still remembers his “first time” well.

“I was pretty shocked at the first race of the season. I didn’t expect the amount of talks (between the engineers). You have no idea what you’re missing until you’re a part of it,” wrote the 24-year-old about his impressions.

In this context, Mick gave great praise to the engineers who rely on his simulator feedback. “I really appreciate that they listen to me and that my opinion counts.” In addition, it was very special for him on an emotional level “that many people who now work for the team were here when my father was still driving (for Mercedes),” wrote Schumacher.

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