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Mick Jagger’s 36-year-old flame puts pen to paper for a racy novel, Allison Boshoff reveals


Rolling Stone’s Mick Jagger reinstated his advances rather than write a book — admittedly, a book about his sleazy life — but girlfriend Melanie Hamrick is clearly happy to put pen to paper.

I can reveal that the former ballerina has completed the first of a two-book deal with the popular romance fiction publisher Mills & Boone.

Due out in June, it’s called the No. 1 spot, and it looks like it’s more of an energetic than an impressive chest-slinger.

The couple has been together since 2014 (they met when both were performing in Tokyo) and are “inseparable” according to friends. Their son Devereaux is six, Melanie is 36, and Mick will turn 80 in July.

They share homes in London, Paris, and Mustique, as well as a castle in the Loire — and a small property in Florida, too.

PERFORMANCE: Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones to perform at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia in 2021

Racy: Melanie Hamrick in New York in 2018

Racy: Melanie Hamrick in New York in 2018

Melanie’s new career is as a writer after she retires in 2019 after 15 years with the American Ballet Theater as a dancer and choreographer.

She signed a deal with Mills & Boon, part of the Harper Collins publishing group, in 2019 and took about a year to write her first book – fluid, well-planned and well worth the read, I’m sure.

Constant guessing about the engagement is the couple’s amusement.

I was told ‘Mick has no interest in marriage under any circumstances;

Friendly, down-to-earth, and happy to stay in the background, she’s won over his friends and the Stones’ entourage.

Sir Mick has eight children with five women. His first child, daughter Carice, 52, was the result of an affair with actress and singer Marsha Hunt. He went on to have a daughter, jewelry designer Jade, 51, with his first wife, Bianca.

He has four children with Jerry Hall — daughters Elizabeth, 38, and Georgia, 31; And the sons of Jacob 37 and Gabriel 25.

Jagger and Hall underwent a beach nuptials in Bali, and Mrs. Hall certainly thought they were man and wife – but it was later revealed that they had no legal standing. The couple eventually separated via an annulment, with Jagger giving his former love a share of the marital property and a mere £12 million.

Hall famously said, “I didn’t like the abolitionist ideal after 23 years and four kids. It sounded a little rude.

Jagger also has a son, Lucas, after a falling out with Brazilian model Luciana Jimenez Murat.

The singer was never married to his girlfriend Lauren Scott, a model-turned-fashion designer whom he dated from 2001 until her death by suicide in 2014. She suffered from depression and had problems at work.

How burdened Chris was with life with Dawn

Actor Chris O’Dowd, who has been married to Scottish writer and presenter Don O’Porter since 2012, says she committed to him after a scary minute reading from a fortune teller.

The Irishman is the star of a new Apple TV+ series called Big Door Prize, which premieres Wednesday.

In the show, a mysterious ‘Morpho’ machine appears in a small-town grocery store that, for $2 a quarter, can predict your fate, and tell you if you’ve reached your full potential.

O’Dowd plays Dusty, a teacher and skeptic of Morpho. “I have never been interested in good things,” he said, “but strangely enough, my wife always read her palms.”

In the early days of their relationship, he noted, “it was a bit up and down.” . . I don’t know if we think we will succeed or not. She went to a fortune teller, and the fortune teller told her that she would spend her life with a man on horseback.

Lucky: O¿Dowd and O¿Porter

Lucky: O’Dowd and O’Porter

The next moment she received a text message from me. I was shooting a movie in London at the time, and I was on a horse for the movie.

The couple now have two children together.

The Bridesmaids and IT Crowd star added that the TV series strikes a chord as it plays with the idea that people sometimes need “permission” to change their lives. Sometimes we need a catalyst. . . Even if it’s something as light as a newspaper horoscope. . . To go: “OK!”

On the show, he dances to a George Michael song and warns that sensitive viewers might want to look away. The truth is, dancing is a lot like a hammer falling off a table. There is a shiver, but there is some movement.

It’s High Expectations As Estella Gets “Weird”

Shalom Brun-Franklin, who is very good in The Tourist and Line Of Duty, plays Estella in the BBC’s controversial new adaptation of Great Expectations, which opens on Sunday.

Star Olivia Colman’s got a long white wig and terrifying yellow teeth as the opium-addicted Miss Havisham, and likewise a young Shalom munching on a mouse around the edges looks like the pretty tragic spinster suite.

Of her character, Shalom said, “I guess I would describe her style as a weird, musty grunge princess.” There were Galliano references, Vivienne Westwood references. So, they were trying to go for something more exotic, not quite traditional.

Growing up in Hertfordshire, Bron Franklin moved to Australia with her family at the age of 14, but returned permanently to the UK after securing a lease on a flat in northwest London.

On Call: Shalom Brune-Franklin earlier this year in London

On Call: Shalom Brune-Franklin earlier this year in London

Estella: Bronn-Franklin's Great Expectations

Estella: Bronn-Franklin’s Great Expectations

Her next role will be as hostess to a royal family in Dune: The Sisterhood, a TV series of the 1984 and 2021 films, which are adaptations of Frank Herbert’s Dune book.

She says that after getting the role, “I turned the volume up as much as the TV would allow, and watched the movies in complete darkness. It’s overwhelming going into this dune universe because it’s so big, and there’s so much to wrap around in, but the movies are masterpieces.”

Will Sir Maca ride to save Royal?

The line-up for the coronation party hasn’t been confirmed – and it seems to be causing as much trouble as RSVP pressure from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

However, there is hope that Sir Paul McCartney can save the day that has been followed by Adele, Elton John, The Spice Girls, Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles.

A perfectly placed source tells me that Maka has just booked rehearsals with his band for April, which suggests he’s getting ready to lead the night’s festivities.

But Sir Paul’s spokesman insists he’s not playing coronation – so there seems to be a valid royal disappointment unless he changes his mind.

The ceremony will be broadcast live from Windsor by the BBC on Sunday, May 7.

caliph of the caliphate?

Nothing works like succession, and now that British writer Jesse Armstrong has announced that the final series will be his last, everyone is thinking about the possibility of a spinoff, one that would allow us to spend more time with these ruthless people, in that cruelty. world.

At the red carpet premiere in New York this week, star Brian Cox, who plays patriarch Logan Roy, said, “I think Greg will really be the natural showrunner.” An idiot’s life would be an interesting thing – a tall idiot at that.

Sarah Snook, who plays Logan’s daughter Chef, agreed, saying, “Tom and Greg! Kind of a half-hour comedy, head office set up in . . . Vancouver.

Nicholas Brown, who plays Greg (pictured far right with Matthew Macfadyen, who plays Tom), offered: ‘You have to drop them in some weird world, drop them in the Philippines or something. . . Some crazy small business world we’ve never seen on the show. this is the way.’

New York: Matthew Macfadyen and Nicholas Brown in the premiere of Succession

New York: Matthew Macfadyen and Nicholas Brown in the premiere of Succession

A pre-war midwife could give birth

BBC1’s hit drama Call The Midwife has been running for over a decade, and writer Heidi Thomas has vowed to continue until at least 2025.

But she’s also considering an episodic prequel, set during World War II. She said, “I would be fascinated to know what life was like at Nonnatus House during, say, the Blitz in 1940. How the nuns would have adapted to life at the time. My imagination could spread in any number of different directions, and I thought that would be an interesting time.” .

The first series of Call The Midwife, set in 2012, was set in 1957.

Trevor Engelson, first husband of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is set to direct a film about the iconic comedians Cheech and Chong.

The early days and rise to fame of Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, left – who introduced cannabis to the mainstream in the 1970s – will be depicted in the film, which is being produced in collaboration with its subjects. Engelson comments: “Working with Cheech and Chong is a childhood dream of mine. I would listen to my dad’s copies of their albums growing up.

Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, once claimed that at Trevor’s wedding to his daughter in Jamaica in 2011, guests were given a small bag of cannabis as a party favor.

She left ITV to calculate the cost after the Queen’s death last September.

The broadcaster lost £9m when it was forced to scrap a number of episodes of the satirical puppet show Spitting Image, which featured the Queen and “effectively could not be edited” for removal. In its annual report this week, ITV also said it had incurred “significant additional costs” related to the extra news coverage, totaling around £7m.

The financial impact of the advertising blackout during the period immediately following the Queen’s death was not accounted for.

Orlando Bloom was spotted dipping pints of Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day in Windsor — and even singing a popular song on a karaoke machine.

But you can’t blame him for having fun. Bloom is about to enter a period of ascetic denial to prepare for a role in the upcoming project, The Cut.

In the movie, which is being shot in Nevada this summer, he’ll play a boxer who comes out of retirement trying to win one last title — and undertakes an unsanctioned, sanctioned weight-loss program to do so.

The starvation diet distances him from reality and his family.

Bloom, 46, who was engaged to pop star Katy Perry, is known to have good physiques, but he’ll need to do his own weight-cutting program to play the role.

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