Michelle Williams baffles fans with Mary Beth Peil tribute

Michelle Williams raised concerns about Mary Beth Peil, her ex-star on Dawson’s Creek, when she delivered an emotional tribute speech at the Gotham Awards in NYC Monday.

Michelle, 42 years old, who played Jen Lindley from 1998-2003 with 82-yearold Peil as Evelyn “Grams” Ryan, baffled viewers with her speech. Many believed that Peil – who is still alive and well – had passed away. 

The Marilyn actress, accepting the Film Tribute Award, said: ‘Whenever something good happens for me in my life, I can draw a straight line back to somebody who was meant to be here tonight but, being a New Yorker, means living in a reality that you are definitely not in control of — so she’s not in the room, but she’s in my heart.

Oh dear: Michelle Williams raised concerns that Mary Beth Peil, her ex-Dawn’s Creek star, had died. She gave an emotional tribute speech at the Gotham Awards in NYC on Monday in which she paid tribute to Peil.

Michelle stated that she was an emancipated minority when she met Peil.

 “Mary Beth Peil was my first encounter with an artist in my entire life.

‘She Although she didn’t consider herself to be that, there was something about her that made it different. It was the way she asked questions, how she leans into conversations and how excited she was for every moment on the TV. 

“And although I didn’t understand what this ineffable trait was, I knew that I wanted to pull my seat closer to hers.” 

On-Screen: Michelle, 42, Who Played Jen Lindley In The Show From 1998-2003 Alongside 82-Year-Old Peil As Evelyn 'Grams' Ryan (Pictured Center), Baffled Fans With Her Speech, With Many Convinced Peil, Who Is Alive And Well - Had Passed Away

On-screen: Michelle, 42, who played Jen Lindley in the show from 1998-2003 alongside 82-year-old Peil as Evelyn ‘Grams’ Ryan (pictured center), baffled fans with her speech, with many convinced Peil, who is alive and well – had passed away

“I would not have known how to deal with being Steven Spielberg’s mother.” [in The Fabelmans] Despite not being Mary Beth’s grand-daughter, we thank Mary Beth and the Gotham Awards for this.

Peil, an acclaimed actress, will be appearing alongside Jim Parsons, Big Bang Theory star on off-Broadway’s A Man Of No Importance.  

The emotional speech quickly shocked fans who were anxious to check up on Peil, with one writing: ‘This is a beautiful eulogy for someone who is absolutely still alive and currently in a play.’

Another wrote: ‘No-one would possibly come away from this speech thinking Mary Beth Peil is still alive (she is lmao)’ while a third typed:  ‘It is a great speech, but made me freak out for a second, as I was pretty sure I didn’t hear about Mary Beth Peil passing away, but I guess she just meant she literally physically couldn’t be there.

Another penned: ‘Very happy about all the Mary Beth Peil tweets but now I’m nervous.’

1669766083 92 Michelle Williams Baffles Fans With Mary Beth Peil Tribute

1669766083 159 Michelle Williams Baffles Fans With Mary Beth Peil Tribute

Oh No: The Emotional Speech Quickly Shocked Fans Who Were Anxious To Check Up On Peil, With One Writing: 'This Is A Beautiful Eulogy For Someone Who Is Absolutely Still Alive And Currently In A Play'

Oh no: The emotional speech quickly shocked fans who were anxious to check up on Peil, with one writing: ‘This is a beautiful eulogy for someone who is absolutely still alive and currently in a play’

Actress: Michelle Said; 'I Wouldn'T Have Known How To Handle Being Steven Spielberg'S Mother [In The Fabelmans] Without Having Been Mary Beth'S Granddaughter, So Thank You Mary Beth, And Thank You Gotham Awards For This'

Michelle: Actress [in The Fabelmans] Even though I was Mary Beth’s granddaughter. So thank you Mary Beth and Gotham Awards.

Michelle’s character Jen is a New York-based party girl who moved in with her grandmother after getting into trouble in Capeside, Massachusetts. 

Her The finale’s death was one of TV’s most tragic moments. 

The Gotham Awards are the first ceremony of awards season. They recognize outstanding performers in television and film.

‘We are exceptionally proud to honor Michelle Williams, whose iconic performances in collaboration with our most renowned directors have defined her as a leading talent of her generation,’ said Jeffrey Sharp, executive director of The Gotham Film & Media Institute, in a statement when the award was announced in October.

All Good: Acclaimed Actress Peil Is Currently Appearing In Off-Broadway Show, A Man Of No Importance (Pictured 2017)

All good: Acclaimed actress Peil is currently appearing in off-Broadway show, A Man Of No Importance (pictured 2017)

He said, “Michelle is a true New Yorker. We are thrilled to claim her as our own by recognizing and naming her with a Performer Tribute at the Gotham Awards.”

Williams has been receiving Oscar buzz for her portrayal of Mitzi Fabelman, a loosely based role in Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans.

SheShe is expected to win her fifth Oscar nomination for the role. This could be her first Oscar win.

The actress was previously nominated to star in Brokeback Mountain. Blue Valentine, My Week With Marilyn, and Manchester by The Sea 

Williams stars in Kelly Reichart’s new film, “Showing Up”, which was world premiered at Cannes Film Festival. This film has been making festival rounds.

She She is also attached as a star in Fever biopic, which follows the life and career of Peggy Lee.

Williams was first seen with her newborn baby in October, although she hasn’t confirmed it. 

Oscar Buzz: Williams Is Garnering A Lot Of Oscar Buzz For Her Role As Mitzi Fabelman In Director Steven Spielberg'S The Fabelmans, Loosely Based On His Childhood

Oscar buzz: Williams is garnering a lot of Oscar buzz for her role as Mitzi Fabelman in director Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans, loosely based on his childhood

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