Michelle Obama steps back into politics to help Raphael Warnock

Michelle Obama returns to politics in order to help Raphael Warnock. A former First Lady makes a rare campaign appearance recording ads for Democrat, during Herschel Walker’s Georgia run-off.

  • Michelle Obama makes a rare appearance in a campaign setting 
  • She’s helping boost Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock ahead of his runoff with Republican candidate Herschel Walker
  • Ex-first lady calling Georgians to urge them to vote for Warnock 
  • Her While the endorsement comes before Barack Obama’s rally at Warnock on Thursday, Michelle Obama is not expected to attend that event.
  • According to polls, the Georgia Senate race is basically tied 

Michelle Obama is making an unusual campaign appearance to boost Raphael Warnock’s chances of winning the runoff with Herschel Walk next week.

Two robocalls were recorded by the former first lady to urge Georgians vote for the Democratic senator.

Encourage people to vote early. The Friday deadline for early voting in the state is Dec. 6, ahead of the runoff. 

On the call, she stated that ‘This election was going to be very close’ and that many people are hoping that you will stay home. “But we need to get out there and vote for Raphael Warnock. Rev. Rev.

The second call will be on Election Day. It reminds voters that the polls are open between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. 

Her This endorsement comes before Barack Obama’s rally in Warnock on Thursday. Michelle Obama is not expected to attend the event. 

Michelle Obama will be making a rare campaign appearance recording robocalls encouraging Georgians vote for Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock

She Since leaving the White House, she has not been active in politics and instead focuses on writing books. 

Warnock’s campaign hopes that Warnock will use her advocacy to mobilize both liberal Democrats and Republicans. Walker, the controversial Republican candidate, has denied accusations that he conceived a woman and paid for the abortion. Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Even though Democrats have taken all-in to support Warnock, they still have control of Senate and have flipped Pennsylvania’s seat to them. 

But a Warnock victory in Georgia would give Democrats an outright majority at 51-49, meaning they would not have to negotiate a power-sharing agreement with Republicans next year.

Warnock will be seeking a full six year term, after winning a special election in 2021.

He Walker was ahead by approximately 37,000 votes from the 4 million voters who participated in the November general elections. But, Walker failed to get the required 50 percent majority under Georgia law. Next week’s runoff will be held.

Although President Joe Biden will raise money in Boston for Warnock’s campaign, the White House hasn’t yet said if he will make an appearance in the state. 

Walker has been endorsed by Republican Governor. Brian Kemp and former President Donald Trump. 

Walker was able to win the second term with just 200,000 more votes than Kemp in the first round.

Trump is keeping his distance after his midterm elections defeat by many of his rivals. 

Kemp has made commercials to Walker, a former Georgia football player.

Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock Is Vying For A Full Six-Year Term After Winning A 2021 Special Election

Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock is vying for a full six-year term after winning a 2021 special election

Republican Senate Candidate Herschel Walker Is Tied In Polls With Warnock

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Wade is tied in polls to Warnock

The polls between Walker and Warnock have remained close. According to Frederick Polls, COMPETE digital and AMM Political, the two are at 50%.

Georgia set a new record in early voting with over 500,000 votes cast Tuesday morning.

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