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Michelle Bolsonaro travels to the US to prepare a defense in the Saudi jewelery case

The former first lady of Brazil Michelle Bolsonaro travels to the United States earlier this week to meet with her husband, former President Jair Bolsonaro, to prepare a defense strategy in relation to the scandal of jewelry given away by Saudi Arabia that they avoided declaring.

At the request of the Ministry of Justice, the Federal Police plans to summon the Bolsonaro couple to testify in the framework of the investigation into the attempt to introduce into Brazil jewelry gifted by Saudi Arabia worth 16.5 million reais (almost 3 million euros) without declaring and paying taxes.

Michelle Bolsonaro has been in Brazil since January 26, when she returned from Orlando, Florida, where the former Brazilian president has been since the end of December last year. During her return to the United States, she is also expected to prepare her next steps within the Liberal Party (PL), reported the newspaper ‘O Globo’.

Since arriving in Brazil, the PL has been working to promote the figure of the former first lady, for whom it has political plans ahead of the 2026 elections, without yet ruling out a possible candidacy for the Presidency.

It is expected that on March 21, Michelle Bolsonaro will be officially named president of the women’s section of the party. In the ranks of the PL they believe that she is the most indicated to recover the vote of women and evangelicals, who turned their backs on the formation in the previous elections.

Michelle Bolsonaro’s stay is scheduled to last for the next two weeks. Traveling with her was reserve captain Sérgio Cordeiro, first sergeant of the Rio de Janeiro Military Police Max Guilherme Machado and Army Colonel Marcelo Câmara.

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