Michael Cohen had more than 1,000 phone calls and text & # 39; and with a company linked to the Russian oligarch

Former former lawyer Donald Trump imprisoned Michael Cohen had more than 1,000 posts with the head of a Russia-affiliated company after election day 2016 – and banked more than $ 400,000 within just five months of the company. Uncashed warrants were announced on Wednesday.

The information about Cohen was contained in five warrants received by prosecutors at the start of the Russian probe.

President Donald Trump delivered another of his overwhelming criticisms of the probe on Wednesday, calling him a & # 39; hoax & # 39; called, which was led by 18 & # 39; angry & # 39; democrats.

The warrants tell a different story, with countless suspicious transactions going through an LLC, Essential Consultants, which Cohen initially set up to process payments to porn star Storm Daniels, who claims she was having an affair with Trump.

However, bank transfers and transfers also concerned researchers' attention.

An application for a warrant, dated July 2017, retrieves repeated deposits from & # 39; s foreign companies & # 39; and a & # 39; Russian nexus & # 39; to.

The five deposits, in $ 83,333, came from Columbus Nova, an American company whose prosecutors noted that it was related to the Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg.

Vekselberg, the edict application, met Russian President Vladimir Putin a few months earlier, helped restore Faberge eggs as a point of national pride, and helped build an airport for FIFA World Cup 2018 .

& # 39; The United States continues to investigate whether any of the payments or financial relationships described above, or other relationships described below, were related to Cohen's involvement in the distribution of a plan to lift Russian sanctions & # 39; , according to a door CNN.

& # 39; Phone records do not show such text messages or phone calls between the COHEN mobile phone and the Columbus Nova CEO before November 8, 2016. & # 39;

The arrest warrant also mentioned a New York Times report on Cohen's involvement in an alleged peace plan for Ukraine that would have resulted in the lifting of sanctions against Russia.

Other deposits were from a Korean aerospace company and a Kazakh bank.

Cohen is now serving a three-year prison sentence for tax evasion, lying to Congress about a Trump real estate project in Moscow and about campaign financing violations regarding hush-money payments, which he orchestrated against two women who claimed to have done business with Trump , the porn actress Stormy Daniels and erotic model Karen McDougal. Trump has denied the allegations.

Researchers stated in the warrant applications that Essential Consultants LLC received multiple deposits from foreign sources, including companies whose researchers said they had & # 39; significant ties with foreign governments or were entities controlled by foreign governments & # 39 ;.

Essential Consultants received funds from US and foreign companies who approached Cohen regarding political goals in the Trump administration, & researchers wrote.

Among them were AT & T, whose documents show that Cohen wanted approval for the merger with Time Warner, and pharmaceutical giant Novartis, which & # 39; access and advice & # 39; wanted after Trump promised to fight high drug prices.

A Columbus Nova spokesperson said there was nothing shameful about the frequent contacts between Cohen and the company's executives.

& # 39; They worked together, so of course texting & # 39; s calling each other & # 39 ;, said the email. & # 39; This was all known and investigated and was not even considered worthy to be included in the Special Council report. & # 39;

Columbus Nova described every claim that Vekselberg used Columbus Nova as a channel for payments to Cohen and said it is owned and controlled exclusively by Americans.

Both Cohen and some of his customers apparently tried to keep his work secret. An AT&T consultant e-mailed a senior vice-president of the company saying that Cohen & # 39; had said several times that he is not saving customers, not talking about customers and hoping that we will not publish that he will us works & # 39; . I assured him. And I hope he means it. & # 39;

Novartis did not see the need to advertise that it was doing business with Cohen. In an April 2017 e-mail exchange quoted in the search warrant documents, a director wrote that they wanted to assess Cohen's ability to & # 39; high-level government meetings & # 39; and that it was not necessary to disclose our relationship with him & # 39 ;.

Cohen has acknowledged offering his insights into Trump's administration to various corporate clients, but said he has not violated any laws. Representatives for Cohen refused to respond on Wednesday.

The newly unsealed material reveals nothing about Trump's own role in the crimes that Cohen was behind bars.

The requests for an order consisted of requests to search Cohen's email accounts, including one related to the Trump organization. They were obscured in certain sections to protect the secret of an ongoing federal investigation into Cohen's campaign finance crime.

Cohen has said that he has arranged payments to McDougal and Daniels at the insistence of Trump, who denied the president along with the affairs.

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