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Michael Avenatti was found guilty in all respects in the blackmail case of Nike

NEWS: Michael Avenatti is GUILTY in all respects in Nike extortion case

Michael Avenatti has been convicted in every respect in his blackmail case.

The lawyer was sued last year after the sports company accused him of extorting it for $ 25 million.

They said Avenatti threatened to expose Nike to suspected funnel-shaped payments to basketball players at the university. He strongly denied it.

Lawyer Michael Avenatti leaves the court on 8 October 2019.

Lawyer Michael Avenatti leaves the court on 8 October 2019.

On Friday, a jury in New York condemned the lawyer, best known for Stormy Daniels once, for all aspects of fair service fraud and extortion.

The maximum sentence in that case is 42 years behind bars, but it is only one of the three trials in which Avenatti is the defendant.

He has also been accused of 36 counts of fraud in a major indictment by the IRS and the California Department of Justice.

That case – with a maximum sentence of 335 years – has not yet started.

In the third case, he is accused of stealing $ 300,000 from Daniels, who he represented in her allegations against President Trump – with whom she says she had sex – in the 2016 presidential election.