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Mexico applauds Biden’s measures to limit the circulation of weapons

The Mexican authorities have applauded this Wednesday the measures announced by the Administration of the US President, Joe Biden, to limit the circulation of firearms in the country, something that they consider will also benefit the Mexican territory when it comes to combating violence. .

The Mexican Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, has indicated in a message on his Twitter account that these are “very successful” measures that will facilitate increasing the “requirements and verifications for those who acquire weapons in the United States, especially those called assault weapons. ”.

Likewise, the Ministry has pointed out in a statement that the review of the records of potential buyers –whether they are criminal or not– will lead to a “determining action to prevent the illicit trafficking of arms into Mexican territory.”

“With a land border of more than three thousand kilometers and a population of Mexican origin in the United States of close to 34 million people, the actions taken by the Government of that country to prevent firearms from falling into the hands of criminals will have a significant impact. profoundly positive effect on both nations”, collects the text.

In this sense, the Mexican authorities have reiterated their commitment to actions at the “regional level” to “prevent firearms from empowering criminals and, with this, it is possible to continue effectively against organized crime.”

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