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Mets’ Edwin Diaz ‘really surprised’ by ejection for sticky stuff against Cubs

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Mets' Edwin Diaz 'really surprised' by ejection for sticky stuff against Cubs

Mets near Edwin Diaz he was ejected Sunday night against the Chicago Cubs after a routine sticky inspection in the ninth inning.

Diaz and manager carlos mendoza They were arguing their case before the team leader Vic Carapazzabut the expulsion was upheld.

He could face an automatic 10-game suspension for the infraction.

“I just said I wear the same thing as always,” Diaz said after the game. “I rub rosin, I sweat and I put my hand in the dirt a little bit because I need to get a little grip on the ball. So that’s what I was explaining to them, but they said it was too sticky. I understood that. But at the end of the day, I used rosin , I sweated and put my hand in the dirt.

“I was very surprised because I didn’t have anything on my hand, my glove, my belt. They always checked my hat, everything. And they thought it was very sticky. I said you could check my hand, smell my hand, and they didn’t smell anything, but “They kicked me out of the game.”

Díaz said his hands always look like this after using dirt and the same resin in each game. He felt it was the same old stickiness and plans to continue using the same gripping method. He believes they thought he was using an illegal substance.

The closer was also asked if he had the opportunity to wash his hands, but said he had not asked.

“I didn’t ask for it,” Díaz said. “As soon as they saw me, they tried to kick me out of the game. Understood. “That’s their job, that’s part of the game… I don’t know, I didn’t ask for it, so I don’t know.”

He added that he will have to talk to his agent to appeal the suspension.

After the game, Mendoza explained what happened to reporters.

“They thought it was too much. Diaz kept saying it was rosin, sweat and dirt. They thought he crossed the line there. Obviously the rules are the rules and they made the decision to kick him out,” Mendoza said.

“Vic said, ‘That’s too much and I have to do my job.’ And that was it.”

When asked if he supports the decision, Mendoza acknowledged that the rule is in place for a reason.

“Well, obviously, the rules are the rules, you know. And the MLB is doing what they’re doing because they have very good reasons, and we have to stay out of it. And obviously Diaz crossed the line. We’ll feel it because “We’re going to play in short now. “We have to move forward and obviously we have to follow the rules here.”

Carapazza said after the game that Díaz was using an illegal substance and that was the reason for the expulsion.

“It was definitely not rosin or sweat,” he told a group reporter. “We’ve gone through thousands of these. I know what that feeling is. This was very catchy.”

With Diaz’s suspension looming, the coach believes the team will overcome adversity.

“Yeah, look, we’ve been through a lot this year and we’ll find a way to get through it,” Mendoza said. “We’ll continue to put the pieces back together. Guys are going to have to step up. I’m pretty sure we’ll have guys here that will take us to the finish line when he’s done.”

He added: “Look, a win is a win. Pretty good trip here. We’ll pay the price and use this as a teaching moment, but the guys will find a way to get through it.”

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