Metroid Dread’s latest trailer shows off Samus’ new nemesis

Nintendo debuted a new trailer in front of Metroid Dread ahead of its October 8 launch on Switch. While the E3 2021 trailer was claustrophobic, featuring the EMMI robots that will stalk you throughout the game, this one shows off larger environments, as well as other types of enemies and bosses you’ll encounter along the way. Notably, Samus takes on a giant living Chozo warrior, one that seems to have a lot in common with Samus in terms of armor and arsenal. There is also a boss who looks a bit like Kraid from Super Metroid.

Plus, in the trailer, you can glimpse some of the new abilities Samus will pick up throughout the story. There are familiar ones, such as the ability to perform Samus’ signature screw attack, get a speed boost to blast through walls, and collect the grapple beam. But there are new abilities like flash shift, which allows Samus to quickly zip back and forth to overwhelm an enemy, and a storm missile that can click on enemies and fire multiple times.

If you watched the trailer above, check out the latest developer update from nintendo. It’s full of new clips and screenshots that will make the wait for the October 8 launch a little easier or a lot harder.