Methods of converting Avi to mp4

Firstly we have to know about the difference between Avi and Mp4 . Second thing that we have need to know that what is the reason to convert Avi  to Mp4 .

In order to know the basics about these two formats , firstly AVi is know as the abbreviation of ” Audio Video interleave ” . It was introduced by MICROSOFT in 1992 .

Normally AVI files have both audio and video format . Avi extension is .Avi . Avi files handle both audio and video data at the same time .

Now let we discuss about MP4.  Mp4 was introduced by Moving pictures expert group which is well known as (MPEG ). Mp4 is an video container format which is basically used to store audio , video etc . Mp4 is used in many mobile devices .

Why we want to convert Mp4 format to AVI ?

Actually Mp4 is becoming very popular and nowadays everyone uses it in their desktop .
But the main problem is that when we uses DVD player , it is not useful as many of the players didn’t support Mp4 .

To overcome this problem we have to convert our MP4 format to any other format and AVI is the best format to convert MP4 .

How to convert Mp4 to Avi format .

There are lot of converter on play store and on  istore . So , you can use any of converter .
There are few steps you have to follow .

1 : Install the video converter .

The first step to convert your video is to install the video converter . You can install any of video converter available on internet .

2 : Choose your file for conversion

The second step that we have to follow is to choose your file which you have want to convert . For this purpose , there is an option in every video converter . There is an option of Add media . Just click on it . After doing it you have to select your video . You can also convert many videos at same time .

3 : Clip editing

If you want to edit your video clip you can also edit your clip . There is an option of edit . By clicking on this option you can edit your video .
You can also add or remove background sound in your video . There is an tab of Audio in video converter . By open this tab you can adjust you background audio.
Every video converter have feature of effects . By using this feature you can change or add new effects of your video . You can also add subtitles and watermark in your video . There is an option of subtitles and watermarks . By open this tab you can add watermark and subtitles to your video .

4 : Compress MP4 files

There is an also an option to compress your Mp4 format video . But it is not an necessary step to convert your video . It is optional step .
To compress your video , you just have to click on the compress video option and your video will compress automatically .

5 : Choose format

Now the most important step to convert your video format is to choose the Format in which you want to convert your video . You can also choose many formats but we have to convert our MP4 format video to AVI format .
You can also convert AVI format to MP4 format by the same process .

6 : Choose an Output Folder to start Compressing

The last and the most important step for the converting of the video format is to choose  the output folder .
Actually the output folder is a folder in which you have to store your video after changing the video format .
In order to do this , there is an option of Folder you have to click on Folder to select your folder in which you have to store your video .
The last and final step is to click on the convert option . Converting of video format takes some time depending on the size of the video .