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Meth addict mother of four who made $50,000 selling drugs begs not to be jailed after finding out she was pregnant in custody

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Meth addict mother of four who made $50,000 selling drugs begs not to be jailed after finding out she was pregnant in custody
  • Mom of four begs me not to go to jail 
  • Facing serious drug charges
  • He claims to have reformed his life. 

By David Southwell for Daily Mail Australia

PUBLISHED: 08:32 EDT, July 18, 2023 | UPDATED: 11:34 a.m. EDT, July 18, 2023 

A reformed meth-addicted mother has begged not to be jailed after discovering she was pregnant in custody while facing drug trafficking charges. 

Sonia Kay Doeuk, 44, faced Adelaide District Court on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to six counts of drug trafficking and one count of possession of a controlled drug. 

Police presented evidence that $50,000 from drug sales was transferred to their bank accounts between April and December 2019.

Agents raided Doeuk’s home in Adelaide in October 2019 and found MDMA, marijuana, methamphetamine, mobile phones, checklists and other “indicators of drug trafficking”.

The court heard that police attended another property in the north Adelaide suburb of Salisbury Downs a couple of days later and found further quantities of methamphetamine.

Sonia Kay Doeuk, 44, says her life has changed since she found out she was pregnant while in custody and facing serious drug charges.

In another raid on the same property in August 2020, methamphetamine was discovered thrown into a dumpster, empty resealable bags, checklists, and $770 in cash.

Doeuk’s defense attorney, James Marcus, asked for a suspended sentence, telling the court that the mother-of-four plunged into drug addiction as a result of her partner committing suicide in 2017 and her grandmother also passing away at the time. moment.

“Even after seeing the impact of substances on people’s lives, Ms. Doeuk herself turned to substances,” Marcus said, according to the Adelaide Advertiser.

“She found that the meth helped her block out her hurt feelings, she felt she could become someone who didn’t care about these issues.”

Marcus said Doeuk, who is a qualified chef, had up to that point spent 11 years running his own cafe, but as the addiction took hold, he began buying drugs in bulk and selling them to support his use.

“That business effectively collapsed as a result of the offense before this court,” he said.

Doeuk’s lawyer said the skilled chef and former cafe owner’s life fell apart when her partner took his own life in 2017.

Doeuk’s partner, Adam Fennell, is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to drug trafficking and money laundering

However, Marcus said his client turned his life around and kicked drug addiction ever since he found out she was pregnant in custody. 

He said that he had completed several rehabilitation courses and was taking over a new bakery business.

Prosecutor Timisha Ward argued that Doeuk ran a sophisticated commercial drug-trafficking operation and should face jail time immediately. 

Doeuk’s partner, Adam Robert Fennell, who is the father of the youngest of her four children, pleaded guilty to unrelated charges of drug trafficking and money laundering.

A court heard on Monday that Fennell had partnered with Nomad bikies to weigh and package drugs as part of a highly profitable distribution network. 

Judge Rauf Soulio will sentence Doeuk in September.

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