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Meta’s next Quest Pro might be a team-up with LG


A Korean news report suggests that Meta is teaming up with LG to launch a successor to its high-end Quest Pro VR headset in 2025. seen by uploadVR, Maeil business newspaper writes that Meta has reached an agreement for a joint venture with LG. The resulting headphones are rumored to be priced at around $2,000 and will use LG screens as well as other parts from LG affiliates like LG Innotek. Maeil business newspaper In addition, he claims that Meta will release a lower-end Quest headset in 2024 that could cost less than $200.

Meta did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The edge, and some of the details in the report seem counterintuitive. $200 would be a major price drop for the Quest consumer; Quest 2 sells for $299 after Meta briefly tried increase the price, and the upcoming Quest 3 was announced at $499. The report also says the new high-end headset will be called the “Meta Quest 4 Pro,” which would break Meta’s current convention of keeping the numbering of the Quest and Quest Pro lines separate.

Overall though, the report roughly follows Meta’s past behavior in the VR space. Although $200 would be very cheap, The edge has previously reported that a cheap headset codenamed Ventura is indeed planned for 2024, with a successor to the Quest Pro likely after that. uploadVR As you point out, Meta (formerly Facebook) has released several headsets as co-branded products. The Oculus Rift S was branded by Lenovo, the low-end Oculus Go was made by Xiaomi, and Samsung made the mobile Gear VR.

That said, it’s worth noting that neither of these was considered the most interesting Meta/Facebook headset at the time of its release, which is contrary to how Meta has positioned the Quest Pro. The Rift S was the last wired headset from Before meta focusing entirely on the all-in-one Quest line, the Go was a lower-end alternative to the Rift and Quest, and the Gear VR was a super-cheap alternative to the then-last-gen Rift. (A counterexample may be Meta’s high-profile partnership with Ray-Ban on smart glasses, but Meta also described it as an early foray into augmented reality.) Meta has introduced the Pro as a testing ground for innovative VR technology to come. more slowly to its cheaper products for the mass market. An LG joint venture could maintain that role, but only if it looks a bit different from some of those past partnerships.

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