Metallic glasses frames – The technology-driven frames

All who wear eyeglasses prefer to choose a pair of glasses on many bases. People choose a frame after checking the design, a suitable frame shape according to their face shape. One feature that all swear to check,  in the metallic glasses frame or non-metallic glasses frame is- Durability. In today’s time, there are myriads of material available to make eyeglasses but there are only a few materials that are really trustworthy.

So here are some types of eyeglasses materials and their specifications


Acetate material:  Acetate frames are made of biodegradable cellulose material. They are light in weight and have high durability. Initially, people used to use plastic to make frames. But with the technology advancement and to curb the use of plastic as it is non-biodegradable. Acetate frames came into existence. Coming in many colors, prints, and assorted textures. Choose them when you wish to make a bold appearance. 

And now comes the latest technology-driven- Titanium: The reliable titanium material is used to make aircraft and planes. The advantages of using Titanium in making glasses includes

  • Corrosion-resistant: Many of us like metal frames but metal frames get corroded easily. But the frame made with titanium and its alloys has no such problem.
  • Durable: in general we need a pair that is highly durable. As nobody wishes to go to the eyewear shop every month for new pairs as their old frames are not durable. The robust titanium material is highly reliable.  
  • Comfortable: A pair featuring titanium metal is comfortable and will not easily break. If you are looking for a low-maintenance pair then let them seep in your collection. They are light in weight and won’t even make you feel that you are even wearing something on your eyes.


Have a look at some titanium eyeglasses frame 

Titanium glasses frames are light in weight, durable but they are also really cool too. Coming in so many wonderful frame types. Have a pair in some sauve frame shape to look stunning and feel the lightness. 

Clear frames just like there is nothing on the eyes: Wish for a minimal effect? Try some no stress glasses. A pair of glasses made of titanium is the stress-buster. As when you are wearing a pair like this you will fee ultra-light and stress-free.These metal frames coming in rose gold colour have a chic finish and elegance in every minute detailing.


Feel so light and fashionable too: The majestic metal frames are generally in a neutral colour. But for the bold lovers. There are these red metal glasses. Simple yet a fashion flare. Made to give you some red tints on your cheeks. The snowy weather and your red glasses. Isn’t supposed to be too photogenic? Just give it a try. As, these are the frames to choose on all the party nights, to have more of the spotlight. Of course to groove in style on some peppy numbers.   

Wish to explore more frames

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