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Meta to lay off another 10,000 employees and cut thousands of vacancies


Meta Platforms, the company that owns Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, announced a new workforce adjustment plan that will mean the rapid removal of some 10,000 workers, as well as the closure of around 5,000 vacancies still not covered, as reported by the multinational, which at the end of 2022 already undertook an adjustment of 11,000 jobs.

“Overall, we expect to reduce our team size by around 10,000 people and close around 5,000 additional open positions that we haven’t hired yet,” Mark Zuckerberg announced. “This will be difficult and there is no way around it,” he said.

In this sense, the founding and CEO of the company has indicated that Meta expects to announce restructuring and layoffs in its technology groups at the end of April and then in its business groups at the end of May.

However, it has announced that, in some cases, it can take until the end of the year completing the changes, while the timeline for affected international teams may also vary.

“My hope is to make these changes to the organization as early in the year as possible so that we can get through this period of uncertainty and focus on the critical work that lies ahead,” Zuckerberg said.

Thus, after the reconstruction, Meta plans to lift the hiring and transfer freeze in each group.

In addition, the company plans to complete its hybrid work analysis this summer to further refine its distributed work model, as well as attempt to maintain a steady stream of developer productivity improvements and process improvements throughout the year. .

At the beginning of February, Meta reported that it obtained a net profit of 23.200 million dollars in 2022, which represented a drop of 41% compared to the result recorded a year earlier, while its annual income totaled 116.609 million dollars. , 1.1% less than in 2021, which represents the first annual drop in the company’s turnover.

Looking ahead to 2023, Meta’s chief financial officer, Susan Li, expressed confidence that first-quarter total revenue will be between $26 billion and $28.5 billion, while she estimates that total expenses for the full year will be in the range of between 89,000 and 95,000 million dollars, against the previous perspective of between 94,000 and 100,000 million dollars.

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