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Mercedes-Benz dealer charges electric vehicle owner for oil change


Driver unleashes at Mercedes dealership after they charged him hundreds of dollars for changing the engine oil – despite his car being electric

  • EV driver charged $445 for engine oil change
  • His Mercedes-Benz is fully electric
  • Clearly the bill was itemized incorrectly

An electric car owner called a Mercedes-Benz dealer after being charged more than $400 for “changing the engine oil,” despite his car being all-electric.

The driver took his Mercedes-Benz EQA-250 to a leading Mercedes Benz dealer in Melbourne for servicing on April 11.

In a video posted to social media, the driver shared his shock after discovering he had been charged $445 for changing the engine oil and filter.

Matty initially had no doubts about the $700 bill, which is a service price set by the manufacturers, since he expected to pay a high price for a luxury car service.

“When I drove off I thought a damn $700 bucks was expensive for a service.

However, upon closer inspection of the itemized bill, he noticed that the mechanics were charging him for an oil and filter change, despite his electric vehicle not needing one.

Fully electric vehicles do not need to change engine oil or filter because they do not have a combustion engine.

The driver took his Mercedes-Benz EQA-250 to a Melbourne dealership for servicing (pictured)

“I thought I should take a look at the bill and $445! $445 for what? To perform an engine oil and filter change,” he said.

The problem is that this car is fully electric. They commissioned me to change the oil and filter of an all-electric car. Non-Hybrid – Full electric.

‘I thought let me check this; I’ve been driving this car for two years now; let’s check it again for the 14th time today – it’s definitely electric.

The video has been viewed nearly 40,000 times and fellow drivers called out the dealer.

“That’s the price you pay for driving a Mercedes,” one person commented.

“Yes sir, we didn’t charge you for oil, but we did wash the batteries,” another person joked.

A third person added: “Obviously they put premium air in the tires.”

The driver claims he was charged $445 for an engine oil and filter change despite his car being all-electric (pictured)

The driver claims he was charged $445 for an engine oil and filter change despite his car being all-electric (pictured)


Electric cars use completely different powertrains, so you never have to worry about the routine oil changes required for traditional cars. Although your electric car does not need oil, a routine check of these 3 fluids in electric cars is required; coolant, brake fluid and windshield washer fluid.

Others argued that the bill was poorly worded, as electric vehicles use synthetic oil that needs to be topped up during a service.

“It’s usually a pre-filled invoice, what did the consultant write on the next page and what parts were replaced?” one person asked.

‘Should be described differently for electric cars anyway. Someone is just lazy at Mercedes,” another wrote.

“If EV owners are uneducated… they still use gear oils and motor oils, which are generally just synthetic (man-made),” a third commented.

“You know they need oil for several parts of the car… engine, transmission, diff. The moving parts inside are not lubricated with air,” a fourth person wrote.

The dealer declined to comment on the situation.

The 2021 Mercedes-Benz EQA 250 is the German automaker’s second and most affordable all-electric model in Australia with a pre-road price of $76,800.

The electric car is powered by a 66.5 kWh battery and has a range of 480 km when fully charged.

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