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Men’s Dressing Guide: How To Get The Sharp Look At A Big Event


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Life is a blessing; let’s make it more beautiful with the best bespoke!

Life is a series of special occasions where likewise women, men also yearn to dress up to the nines to make it more memorable. Surprisingly, the apparel industry has now come up with ample appealing styles for men to make them look voguish on both formal and informal occasions. All you need to opt for the finest tailor to have the bewitching suit in your wardrobe. From casual suit to your favorite tuxedo, they can help you relish the best bespoke in NYC.

Thus, for every fashionista man who wishes to inspire the world with his dazzling dressing sense, here is a brief guide to turn the desire into reality.

Trending Ideas For Men’s Occasional Suit

Not just women, but even men wish to dress the best on the glorious event, be it wedding, formal interview, cocktail, or a family bash. Below-mentioned are some of the trendy ideas that will make peers smitten by your personality. Check-out!

  • Tuxedo and Trouser

Dean Martin once famously said, “In a tuxedo, I am a star. In regular clothes, I am nobody”. Now imagine how much a tuxedo will make you look elegant at informal events if it is the first choice of every male celebrity! 

Even though shopping for a tuxedo can be a little expensive, it is like a lifetime investment as you can reuse it later on. To achieve the appealing look in a tuxedo, it is suggested to get it crafted by the top-notch NYC tailor, instead of shopping it ready-made. The reason being, they will not only present the finest finishing but also make it customized according to your preferences.

  • WaistCoat

A waistcoat is yet another option for style hunters men to woo the guest at the events with utter class and elegance. There are plenty of color options available in waistcoats that you can cherry-pick in line with the season. For instance, black and royal blue for evergreen style, pastels and white for summer, and grey for winter. You can complement it with a graceful trouser and formal tie to cut a dash.

  • Printed Casual Suit

Most men go for casual suits in blue, black, and white color. No doubt, these are evergreen yet eloquent options to deck-out at formal and informal occasions, but you can double the joy of wearability by choosing the one with printed patterns. Being colorful and charming, such attire will help you grab all eyes on big day.

Make sure to hire only the best NYC tailor who makes use of top quality fabric and crafts the polished silhouette without over embellishing it.

Tips To Choose The Best Bespoke Tailor For Men’s Stylish Outfit

Now that you are having the trendy ideas in your mind or in case you have already selected one, it’s time to find the tailor who can make it possible in full-swing. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Ask for references from friends and family
  • Check customer’s reviews, if it is online
  • Squint at the way of his communication
  • Check out the samples
  • Make sure that he understands your preferences
  • Ensure their timely availability

In The End

Life is all about living it to the fullest and flaunting the best style with confidence. The aforementioned trending styles can help you embrace the same without much effort.  So, if you are fascinated by the same and wish to be the showstopper at the special events, wait no more and contact a professional tailor for the best bespoke in NYC.

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