Men’s Boxers You Need to Be Wearing

A good pair of underwear lays the foundation for a perfect outfit. Whether anyone sees it or not, having a comfortable and breathable pair mens boxers is essential in making you feel more confident.

Material and styles of boxers can change the whole experience. It’s essential that you choose the right pair with material that is suitable for your lifestyle.

Today, we’ve compiled all the necessary features of mensboxers that you need to consider when choosing the perfect pair for yourself.

Are you choosing the right fit: Boxers or Boxer Briefs?

Boxers generally come in two different fits that are classified as plain boxers and boxer briefs. You must note the difference between the two get a good understanding of which one will work best for you.

The fit of Regular Boxers

Inspired by the athletic wear of professional boxers, boxer shorts are designed to give a breezy and loose fit.

While they aren’t entirely baggy, boxer shorts provide a slightly looser fit on the thigh and room to shift around without the fabric clinging to the skin.

If you’re someone with bulkier thighs and have an athletic lifestyle, boxer shorts are the right fit for you. The loose opening near the thighs gives you absolute freedom in mobility.

The fit of Boxer Briefs

A hybrid between the fitted briefs and the loose and breezy boxers, boxer briefs give you the best of both worlds.

While the lycra helps to provide a fitted shape of briefs, the style provides the length and coverage of boxer shorts. This style of mens boxers makes the genitals feel secured and comfortable while also give firm support to the thighs.

All in all, boxer briefs are a versatile style for almost any lifestyle and any body type and fulfill the requirements of a right underwear.

Choosing The Right Material for Men’s Boxers

Besides the right fit, the right material plays a vital role in the comfort factor of the boxers. Understanding what material works best for you and your skin is crucial to selecting the right underwear.

Here are the three main types of material of men’s boxers and a rundown of the merits and demerits that these materials have to offer.


One of the most easily available options is 100% pure cotton boxers. These boxers are loose-fitting and incredibly breezy to wear.

While these loose and airy fit boxers give you the maximum comfort when you first try them on, they lose their shape after the first few washes making the fabric susceptible to slipping off quickly.

Blended Fabric

A modern solution to the loose fit problem of pure cotton shorts is using blended fabric. Blend fabric boxers are made with cotton blended with a little percentage of nylon and spandex.

The stretch factor of the nylon or spandex make the boxers more form-fitting and help them retain their shape for an extended period. They help in providing easy and comfortable mobility. The fabric wicks moisture and does not pill easily.

Bamboo Rayon Fabric

Bamboo rayon fabric is the latest invention that has taken the world of activewear and performance fabric by a storm. This micro-modal fabric combines the properties of bamboos to provide you with the most comfortable pair of men’s boxers.

The bamboo fabric has a silk-like finish that makes them incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. Their bamboo origin means that they are naturally moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic. This fabric does not trap the persistent odour of sweat which makes it a comfortable material for daily wear.

The sustainability and eco-friendly aspect of this fabric is a bonus. With all the best features for any material, the bamboo fabric should undoubtedly be on the top of the list when considering underwear options.


Choosing the right men’s boxers can be a hassle; however, if you understand the material and fit choices that work best for you, you will undoubtedly be able to find the perfect pair of boxers.