Memorial calendar shows 12 lesser-known Hubble images

The calendar is part of a series of initiatives from the European Space Agency to celebrate the success of the Hubble Space Telescope prior to the 30th anniversary in April.

The agency says it has played an important role in multiple scientific discoveries, technical achievements and cultural influences, and so they wanted to find a selection of images that were amazing but not so well known.

April: beautiful diamonds from Trumpler 14

One of the largest gatherings of hot, massive and bright stars in the Milky Way is the star cluster Trumpler 14.

A Hubble image from 2016 has captured the cluster that houses some of the most luminous stars in our galaxy – shining like “diamonds.”

The prominent dark patch close to the center of the cluster is a ‘Bok globule’, according to ESA. This is an isolated and relatively small dark mist that contains dense dust and gas.

“These objects are still the subject of intensive research because their structure and density remains somewhat of a mystery.”