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Melinda Gates’ New Boyfriend Jon Du Pre Abused His Miss Utah Ex-Wife While Pregnant

Melinda Gates’ new boyfriend has admitted to verbally abusing his ex-wife while she was pregnant, except in his 2000 memoir.

Melinda, 58, single after her split from Microsoft founder Bill Gates, has been secretly dating former Fox News reporter Jon Du Pre, 68, “for months,” according to a recent report. TMZ report.

Du Pre, who has worked across the country as a newscaster in several cities, was previously married to Miss Utah Gina Larsen from 1985.

The pair met while they were both studying journalism at Brigham Young Mormon college.

Their tumultuous marriage is featured in his autobiography, The Prodigal Father. In a shocking column, Du Pre wrote, “Once she was disarmed and I was charged with explosive rage, she didn’t stand a chance.”

Du Pre, who has worked nationwide as a news anchor in several cities, was previously married in 1985 to Miss Utah Gina Larsen, seen here on her LinkedIn page

Melinda French Gates appears to have switched from ex-husband Bill Gates, as TMZ reported that the computer scientist, 58, has been secretly dating a former Fox News reporter named Jon Du Pre for months. They will be seen together in April

Gina Larsen won Miss Utah in 1985 and competed in the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City the following year

Du Pre and his first wife, pictured here in 1986, met while they were both studying journalism at Brigham Young University

After a stint in journalism, Gina moved into the IT world, working for giants such as Adobe and Cisco

He added: “I got up and ran across the living room to my pregnant wife, and she cringed as I swelled with hot, angry air and carried out the worst verbal assault she’d ever endured.”

The book is based primarily on Du Pre’s abusive relationship with his father, Robert, a once-prominent civil rights lawyer and FBI agent accused of spying on suspected communists in Hollywood in the 1950s.

He said his father’s social life revolved around drinking and drinking, which often left the family without money to eat.

Du Pre talks about the abuse he inflicted on his wife, writing: ‘Welcome to the real world, princess, where not everyone is happy. For once, this one isn’t about you, you spoon-fed, spoiled bastard. This one is about me.

“I’m going to find out why my father screwed up my life, and I’m going to criticize you for trying to make me feel guilty about it.”

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Jon wrote his own book, entitled The Prodigal Father, in 2000. The memoir depicted a journey he continued on to find his estranged and alcoholic father, Robert, 20 years after he “left” Jon and his relatives.

The former Fox reporter said that shortly after the couple married in 1986, his new wife heard his anger and had “learned which of my buttons to never press.”

He continued: “Gina got used to being crushed in fights, to being embarrassed in front of our friends, to taking the blame for little things that went wrong – the baby’s smelly diaper, the burnt toast, the bounced check.

“I knew demons from my past were threatening to destroy this new life that meant so much to me.”

In a more endearing note, Du Pre wrote about seeing his future wife compete in Miss America in Atlantic City in 1986. He said, “I licked my lips when I saw her in that bathing suit.”

An article from that period describes Gina’s bathing suit as a “white suit made by Trina Best of Provo, Utah.”

Gina – a BYU graduate and started her career as a reporter like Jon – was also a pageant queen. She was crowned Miss Utah in 1985. It’s unclear when she and Jon broke up. She is pictured with Miss Utah 2019

Du Pre talks about the abuse he inflicted on his wife, writing: ‘Welcome to the real world, princess, where not everyone is happy. For once this ain’t about you, you spoon fed spoiled rotten b****’

They were married in the Salt Lake Temple of the Church of Latter-day Saints. His book became such a success that he was invited to Oprah Winfrey’s talk show to talk about his childhood.

During their marriage, the couple had three children with her ex-husband, Kasey, Jessie and Jonny.

According to her LinkedIn page, Gina still uses the last name Du Pre. Like her ex-husband’s current girlfriend, she has a background in IT and works as an account manager for virtual services at Cisco.

Gina previously worked for tech giants such as CIS and Adobe. Before entering the IT world, Gina was a news anchor for KSL5, a station in Salt Lake City.

She graduated from Brigham Young in 1986. After graduating, she worked at WFRV-TV in Green Bay Wisconsin, where Du Pre was working at the time. The couple moved back to Utah in 1988.

In a glowing tribute on that page, Kasey Du Pre wrote of his mother, “Gina is essentially the Steph Curry of life, making things seem much easier than they are. While raising three children as a single mother, Gina sent all three of her children to school because of her relentless work ethic and ability to meet sales quotas.”

Since her marriage to Du Pre, Gina remarried motivational speaker Todd King, also a Brigham Young graduate.

At the 1985 Miss Utah contest, Gina sang “The Greatest Love of All” for the talent portion of the pageant.

After Melinda and Bill broke up, the 58-year-old spoke in detail about what led to her marriage breaking up, saying that there wasn’t one particular thing that led to their breakup, but that it was a bunch of things that went into the accumulated over time.

She revealed that she slowly realized she was “not healthy” in the relationship, and that she could no longer “trust what she and Bill had.”

Now it looks like she may have found someone new – and her rumors seem to be a big step in a different direction than her romance with Bill.


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