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Melbourne nurse has ear bitten off in Bull Arab dog attack


Nurse on a walk around the neighborhood has her ear bitten off in a vicious dog attack – as the owner claims her Bull Arab Cross is normally a ‘loving’ pet

  • Dog attack in Melbourne rips off woman’s ear
  • The owner says it doesn’t suit a pet’s character
  • The victim’s family says she is lucky to be alive

A woman who lost her ear in a horrific dog attack is lucky to be alive, her family says.

Meanwhile, the dog’s distraught owner has revealed she is stunned by the vicious attack that came completely “out of the blue” from her normally “lovable” pet.

The owner was putting hard rubbish outside her home in eastern Melbourne, Bulleen, around 5:15 p.m. Sunday when her three-year-old Bull Arab crotch ran out and clung to the neck of a nurse in her 60s who was taking a neighborhood walk.

Before the owner could pull the dog away, it caused serious injuries, including tearing off the woman’s ear.

The victim was taken to Royal Melbourne Hospital where she underwent surgery on her neck overnight and is in stable condition.

Surgeons couldn’t reattach her ear, so she will have to get a prosthesis.

The family told 7News that the victim is lucky to have survived the brutal attack.

An extremely remorseful owner told the network she was “just so sorry for the lady.”

“I know there’s nothing I can say that will make it better for her. It’s heartbreaking,” said the unnamed owner.

She insisted that while the dog was big and powerful, he “is generally very sweet and dopey.”

“It comes completely out of the blue, and you just think, ‘What caused it? What caused it?’ and I don’t think there’s going to be an answer,” she said.

A three-year-old Bull Arab Cross who snatched a passerby’s ear in eastern Melbourne is expected to be put down

Manningham City Council rangers have seized the dog and it is expected to be put down.

“I understand what his fate will be and I understand for the safety, for everyone, what is going to happen,” his owner said.

The incident comes after a six-year-old girl was also mauled by an Arabian dog in Queensland on Monday.

It is understood that the little girl is currently in a serious condition at Queensland Children’s Hospital after suffering significant abdominal, chest and shoulder injuries.

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