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Melbourne man in his twenties tests positive for coronavirus in Sydney

Fear of another coronavirus outbreak in a Sydney pub forced to close after two infected gamblers enjoyed a drink there on Saturday night – urgent contact is now underway

A Sydney pub has been forced to close after two revelers tested positive for the corona virus after a drink on Saturday night.

A man in his twenties who traveled from Victoria to Sydney with a towing caravan has tested positive for coronavirus.

NSW health minister Brad Hazzard announced the positive COVID-19 test on Friday, calling it a “troubling matter.”

Mr. Hazzard said the man had been traveling into the city for 14 hours “the past few days” and tested positive in the Sutherland area, south of Sydney.

“Quite a long drive, 14 hours straight, I’m told, and he’s here now, thank him for coming forward,” he said.

“I encourage others in a similar situation who may be from Victoria or Melbourne, especially to make sure you’re alert.”

Mr. Hazzard said he would not give the caravan park a name yet as NSW Health continues to investigate the matter.

“We are looking at what other measures may be needed for others in and around that caravan park, but of course, first of all there must be questions to understand what his contacts might be,” said Mr. Hazzard.

The border between NSW and Victoria closed for the first time in 101 years at 11:59 PM as Victoria battles a second wave of coronavirus infections.

Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant said health authorities are still investigating what the man – believed to be from the Melbourne metropolis – traveled through.

“We are currently interviewing him to determine that information,” said Dr. Chant.

“Right now, because he traveled in a car and in a caravan and made the journey quite quickly, we understand that he has had no, minimal or any exposure here.”

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