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Melbourne Cyclist Questions Manhood Of Car Passenger On Rye Morning Peninsula

Confrontational Moment: An angry cyclist bangs on a car window and questions the manhood of the passenger, while the reason for his rage is revealed.

  • Cyclist hits passenger for comment
  • The passenger called his partner an ‘asshole’
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An irate cyclist blew up on a car passenger after he allegedly called a fellow cyclist a ‘bike w***r’.

The incident occurred on the streets of Rye on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula on Tuesday morning, after the passenger fell out with one of the cyclist’s friends.

In a video uploaded to TikTok by the young passenger, the cyclist can be seen approaching the car and asking the man filming to get out of the car.

As the car’s passenger laughs at the request, the cyclist responds with a gesture questioning the size of his manhood.

“Bloke is not happy after this one,” the video is captioned.

Dude doesn’t like to be called an asshole.

At the beginning of the video, the passenger and another person can be heard laughing before the cyclist approaches the car.

“Oh shit, his partner’s here,” the cameraman says, quickly turning the camera to his lap.

The bicyclist then hits the side of the car to get the passenger’s attention.

‘Where are your balls now?’ says the cyclist.

The camera quickly pans up to get a clearer view of the cyclist as he reaches the side window.

‘Do you want to hang out?’ continued the cyclist.

“Dude, go away,” the man in the passenger seat replies.

“You’ve got a fucking big *** that big, mate,” the cyclist then says, gesturing an inch in size with his fingers.

The cyclist then walks away from the car while the passenger laughs.

The cyclist challenged the passenger to get out of the car before making a gesture that questioned his manhood (pictured)

A cyclist exploded with the passenger of a car who called a fellow cyclist 'biker'

A cyclist exploded with the passenger of a car who called a fellow cyclist ‘biker’

Social media users quickly jumped to the video and commented on the harshness of the passenger behind a window.

“Brother is scared of old man on bike,” wrote one user.

“How are these guys going to hide the phone and roll up the windows?” wrote a second.

“Classic little kids talk tough until they face the consequences and shut up…big tough guy in your locked car,” wrote a third.

“Honestly this is the first biker video where I’m on the side of the bikers… you guys talked shit then shit your pants,” wrote a fourth.

However, some users were on the passenger side.

“Funny, I should have gone out and stolen his bike,” wrote one user.

“Can’t believe you didn’t throw biker boy to hell,” wrote another.