<pre><pre>Melania tours with a digital art exhibition and signs autographs at the event & # 39; Be Best & # 39; in Tokyo

Melania visits funky art exhibition with the wife of the Japanese prime minister and signs children's signatures at the event & # 39; Be Best & # 39; in the digital aquarium of Tokyo


Melania Trump toured a digital art museum in Tokyo on Sunday morning and signed autographs for students who participated in a & # 39; Be Best & # 39; event with the first lady and her Japanese counterpart.

Children repressed Mrs. Trump – who was wearing a navy Loro Piano jumpsuit – after she pulled a purple fish for a vocal student whom she had addressed to the girl and signed for her.

The first lady, like many of the children, of whom there were 30 according to the White House, undertook to make ends meet and asked her to sign their photos of sea creatures.


She gave them & # 39; Be Best & # 39; drawstring bags during the event to promote her initiative containing pencils, stickers and school supplies, said the spokeswoman for the first lady.

While Melania Trump played with children, her husband played golf with the prime minister.

He and the Prime Minister took selfies together in Chiba on the golf course. They didn't talk to the press, although the president had a lot on his mind. He spent the morning tweeting about North Korea.


The first lady and her companion, Mrs. Akie Abe, also didn't talk to reporters.

However, Mrs. Trump was delighted to get in touch with the children at the interactive art installation.


Before they sat down with Japanese primary students, the first lady and Mrs. Abe visited other rooms in the art exhibition, including one with more than 1,000 sparkling white crystals.

They walked through a room full of glowing lanterns that were also lit by their touch.

Mrs. Abe was wearing low silver heels that sparkled to match the occasion. Mrs. Trump had navy blue flats and a dark belt that tied around her navy pantsuit jumper with white piping on the lapel.

The first lady went to tea with Mrs. Abe after the press left. She will be attending a sumo competition tonight with her husband, who will award the winner an extra large gold cup.


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