Megyn Kelly hits back at NY Times after piece says she spread ‘misinformation’ about Pelosi attack

Megyn Kelly has criticized the New York Times for including her in an article accusing right-wing politicians and commentators of spreading misinformation about the attack on Paul Pelosi.

Talk show host Kelly said the paper needs to “grow up” and “do your job” after the Times picked her because she “raised doubts that all the facts were revealed.”

Kelly, 51, has said the San Francisco police, who responded to the attack on 82-year-old Paul Pelosi, have “more to reveal.”

Police are under pressure to release bodycam footage of their response to the October 28 attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband.

Kelly Was Singled Out In A Times Piece About Republicans Spreading 'Misinformation' About The Attack On Paul Pelosi, 82, Because She 'Raised Doubts That All The Facts Were Revealed'

Kelly was singled out in a Times piece about Republicans spreading ‘misinformation’ about the attack on Paul Pelosi, 82, because she ‘raised doubts that all the facts were revealed’

Paul Pelosi Was Attacked With A Hammer In The San Francisco Home He Shares With His Wife Nancy

Paul Pelosi was attacked with a hammer in the San Francisco home he shares with his wife Nancy

Several questions, such as exactly how suspected attacker David DePape gained access to Nancy and Paul’s $6 million guarded mansion, also remain unanswered.

While some conservatives have spread baseless conspiracy theories about the attack, Kelly appears to have been singled out by the Times for urging authorities to release more information.

Kelly'S Image In The New York Times Gallery

Kelly’s image in the New York Times gallery

Kelly said on Twitter: “The NYT is calling me a spreader of misinformation about the P Pelosi attack because I had “expressed doubt that all the facts were revealed.”

“It’s called JOURNALISM. SFPD clearly has more to reveal, but if you ask, you’re a “misinfo” spreader like @Miguelnbc. Grow up, NYT & DO YOUR JOB.’

Miguel Almaguer, the NBC national correspondent tagged in Kelly’s post, was not mentioned in the Times piece.

An Almaguer clip that aired Friday about the attack has been removed because it contained information from an “unreliable” source.

The report contained a disputed claim that Paul Pelosi did not indicate he was in any danger when police first arrived at his home.

The Times Story Selected 21 Individuals Who They Say Gave 'A Misinformation Loop About The Attack'

The Times story selected 21 individuals who they say gave ‘a misinformation loop about the attack’

Kelly And Hegseth Were Admitted After They 'Raised Doubts That All The Facts Were Revealed'

Kelly and Hegseth were admitted after they ‘raised doubts that all the facts were revealed’

The recent Times piece on disinformation also cited Pete Hegseth, an author and Fox News host, for “raising doubts that all the facts were revealed.”

Byron York, chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner, tweeted: “NYT Reports on ‘How Republicans Fed Misinformation About the Pelosi Attack.’ Casts a wide net.

“Can you believe that some observers have “raised doubts that all the facts were revealed”? But: isn’t that naturally true? Didn’t SF DA say that?’

The Times piece featured a gallery of 21 individuals who “spread misinformation or questioned the attack.”

Among them are nine elected officials and candidates, and twelve ‘prominent figures’.

Although Some In The Times Piece Spread Misinformation, Kelly Was Singled Out For

Although some in the Times piece spread misinformation, Kelly was singled out for “raising doubts that all the facts were revealed.” Kelly says police have ‘more to reveal’

In Response To The Times Piece, Talk Show Host Kelly Tweeted,

In response to the Times piece, talk show host Kelly tweeted, “Grow up, NYT & DO YOUR JOB.”

Former President Donald Trump has been imprisoned for suggesting ‘the attack was staged’, a claim for which there is no evidence.

Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, is on the list because he “expanded a conspiracy theory about male prostitution.”

In the days following the attack, Musk tweeted — and deleted — an article suggesting that the House Speaker’s husband had left a gay bar in San Francisco with DePape before his attack. The claim is false.

But picking Kelly and Hegseth to search for classified details sparked criticism.

Bodycam footage of DePape’s arrest has not been released by the San Francisco Police Department or the city’s district attorney, despite repeated requests, including by

A spokesman for the SFPD’s media relations department said Monday: “Due to the open investigation, the officers’ body camera images and other evidence will not be released.”

Pelosi is recovering at home a week after being struck on the head with a hammer wielded by DePape, 42, who broke into the property while the House Speakers — along with her security detail — were in Washington, D.C.

Depape Charged With Attempted Murder, Burglary And Elder Abuse Over Attack On Paul Pelosi

DePape charged with attempted murder, burglary and elder abuse over attack on Paul Pelosi

DePape, 42, is being held on charges of attempted murder, burglary and elder abuse for breaking into Pelosi’s home and assaulting Paul Pelosi with a hammer.

He had reportedly asked ‘where is Nancy’ and told investigators that he wanted to break her kneecaps.

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins declined Thursday to release more details than what was already in the court files.

He said, ‘Mr. Pelosi opened the door, they both held a hammer and the police saw that Mr. DePape pulled that hammer away and then Mr. Pelosi hit.

“That’s the most we’re going to say right now. It is not our job to try this case in public or in the press. It’s to try it in a courtroom.’

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