The Trump reboot hit the theaters about two weeks ago with a completely lackluster, low-energy 2024 announcement.

A bad sequel is worse than nothing.

Yet that’s exactly what we are watching right now – it’s Trump’s version of Jaws 2.

Trump has lost the plot, just like in the movie.

HeHe has forgotten what made him a successful candidate for the presidency.

Now he’s – sadly – stuck between playing the big orange gorilla of 2016 and the tame politician of 2024. And it doesn’t work.

In fact, Trump’s once-iron grip on the GOP seems to be slipping away every day.

Two weeks ago, Trump’s reboot hit theaters with a very low-energy, lackluster announcement for 2024.

He He attempted to show the Republican Party that this time he could control his emotions, just like a big boy.

He The argument was that he is the only hope of the party, if they are to get America out of the misery of the Biden years.

He read off the teleprompter and – mostly – avoided talk of deranged stolen election conspiracies.

Of course, it didn’t work out.

Trump resorted to his familiar claims of voter fraud when his hand-picked candidate for Arizona governor was defeated by Kari ‘Loser” Lake.

Two weeks ago, the Trump reboot was released in theaters with a low-energy and lackluster 2024 announcement.

His howls, however, didn’t sound the same.

Then one week ago, in the lead-up to Thanksgiving, Trump hosted noted antisemite Kanye West, white supremacist/Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes, and pedophilia advocate Milo Yiannopoulos for dinner at Mar-a-Lago.

This sounds like a party in hell. It’s true, they say that you are the company that you keep.

Yiannopoulos is an Alt-Right provocateur. He got fired by Breitbart. His book publisher dropped him. CPAC banned Yiannopoulos for making light, among other things, of Roman Catholic priests’ sexual abuse of children.

The backlash was swift. Trump has been engulfed in the fallout since.

Trump was honored by the conservative Zionist Organization of America’s head, who said that Trump’s former president ‘legitimizes Jew hate and Jew haters’

Everyone condemned the dinner, including Vice President Mike Pence, Senator Marco Rubio and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Governors Chris Christie and Asa Hutchinson also denounced it. Even Trump’s former Ambassador in Israel, David M. Friedman demanded an apology.

Republican Kevin McCarthy, who is the next House Speaker, was unambiguous in condemning white supremacists on Tuesday.

Trump is not being a gentleman.

Trump called Kanye a ‘seriously troubled man,’ and claimed that he had no idea who Fuentes is – and that’s where it gets interesting.

Kanye and Fuentes retaliated.

Fuentes said to any cretins that he would ‘dream larger’ than Trump.

Kanye called Trump a “liar” in a podcast, then he stormed off the set when he was confronted about his antisemitism.

However, none of them are afraid anymore of Trump.

The big bad Trump of 2016 would have gone ‘death con 3’ on all of these guys – from Pence and McCarthy to Kanye and Fuentes.

But Trump the Tame of 2024 cannot say a peep.

And that’s not all – Trump is reportedly sitting out the upcoming, runoff in Georgia which could bolster Democratic control of the Senate.

Instead, Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp – a man who Trump has trashed for refusing to echo his stolen election lies – will be leading the charge.

Trump will be reportedly relegated merely to operating the telephone banks and sending out appeals for fundraising.

How could the ‘kingmaker” be at the sidelines? Trump rallies are not massive.

Trump Hosted Noted Antisemite Kanye West, White Supremacist/Holocaust Denier Nick Fuentes (Above), And Pedophilia Advocate Milo Yiannopoulos For Dinner At Mar-A-Lago. It Sounds Like A Dinner Party In Hell.

Trump hosted noted antisemite Kanye West, white supremacist/Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes (above), and pedophilia advocate Milo Yiannopoulos for dinner at Mar-a-Lago. This sounds like a dinner party in hell.

In A Podcast Last Night, Kanye Called Trump A Liar, Before Throwing A Hissy Fit And Storming Off The Set When The Host Confronted Him Over His Antisemitism.

Kanye called Trump a “liar” in a podcast, then he stormed off the set when he was confronted about his antisemitism.

Perhaps Trump has lost his charisma and electoral influence.

Remember what Trump said in 2016? ‘I will so president you will not be bored. You’ll think, “Can’t Trump have a little bit more energy ?”’?”

He It was correct. However, no one wants Trump the old way.

It is obvious that Trump should bear a lot of the blame for the midterm red-colored embarrassment. In the greatest irony, President Joe Biden may make more public appearances in Georgia in the lead-up to the election than Trump.

Even Ivanka, his daughter, thinks there are better things than helping dad get back in the Oval Office.

I know, I know.

Trump has always come back from being counted out every time. But this time – this time – it feels different.

The 2016 anti-establishment raging showman is not popular and his new act is not attracting much attention.

Trump chose to host a group of bigots at Mar-a-Lago.

If You'Re Not Familiar With Yiannopoulos (Above), He'S An Alt-Right Provocateur, Who Got Himself Fired By Breitbart, Dropped By His Book Publisher, And Banned From Cpac For Making Light Of Sexual Abuse Of Children By Roman Catholic Priests, Among Other Vulgar Remarks.

Yiannopoulos (above) is an alt-right provocateur. He got fired by Breitbart, was dropped by his book publisher and banned from CPAC because he made light of Roman Catholic priests sexual abuse of children.

If Trump doesn’t have enough common sense and self-control to cancel a meeting with a sycophantic Kanye, after the rapper spent weeks projecting antisemitic bile, hate and conspiracy theories — and if Trump doesn’t have the campaign infrastructure to inform him that he’s about to break bread with a well-known white supremacist – then he was no business running for president.

Trump’s actions have contributed to the normalization and legitimization of bigotry in America at a time where hate crimes against Jews Americans are at an all-time high.

He It also appears sloppy, delusional after voters sent a clear and powerful message that they want serious people to solve very serious issues.

So long Donald – I hope this is our last goodbye.