MEGHAN MCCAIN: The Megflix hit-job is three-hour temper tantrum of two entitled brats

I watched three hours of Harry & Meghan’s new Netflix series.

My suggestion: Don’t.

It’s a political hit job American-style. It’s trash. It’s manipulative, one-sided and vicious. It’s brilliant in propaganda.

It could have been produced by a campaign operative – a dirty trickster – hired to tar their political opponent with focus-grouped TV ads and sophisticated smears.

As we’ve heard repeatedly, the series’ message is clear: The British are racists, and Harry and Meghan are their victims.

The Sussexes escape to the US is framed as somehow being tied up in Brexit – the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. David Olusoga from the University of California, Berkeley, says British tradition is “filled with racist imagery” and claims the country was essential poisoned in favor of the couple.

“I wanted it work, so many people wanted that to happen.” He says that the fairytale is being embedded in a nation that is having quite toxic discussions about the European Union. “If you look back at social media at that time, immigration is at center of those discussions, and immigration in this country is very often a cypher to race.

I think Brexit supporters would be more interested in national sovereignty than blatant racism, but that’s ok.

They might as well follow Hillary Clinton’s lead and call half of the British population ‘deplorables’.

It’s a political hit job American-style. It’s trash. It’s manipulative, one-sided and vicious. It’s brilliant in propaganda. 

It is dizzying to follow the logic. Their point is clear. Harry and Meghan were never in danger. There is no mention of the adoring crowds cheering on the newlyweds or Prince Charles walking Meghan half way down the aisle. It doesn’t fit the story.

Gaslighting is a constant.

Meghan has repeatedly claimed that she didn’t know what she was getting into when she began dating Harry. She The monarchy was just a fawn in a meadow, waiting to be taken out by her. Meghan, on the other hand is a smart and powerful woman of her own. Her The notion of naivety is completely absurd.

Part of the series is about Harry’s painful childhood. He talks over and over about how he was exploited and how his childhood under the gaze of the media still haunts today.

All of this makes their venture into high-end “reality” television even more bizarre.

Oh, yes, the Sussexes have gone full Kardashian.

They have been documenting their lives together since the beginning. They have photos of Princess Eugenie and them dressed up for Halloween shortly before their relationship was made public. Intimate photos of their Botswana trip are available. Videos of them alone on the beach in Big Sur, California. Videos of their children including Archie looking at the picture of Princess Diana on the walls and being asked by Meghan, ‘Who is that? Videos from their car, hotel rooms, Meghan getting her makeup done.

This contrast is not only hypocritical but also confusing. They want to maximize their fame, their family, their most personal moments for profit, while protesting the unspeakable burden of lights and cameras.

It’s all so utterly selfish.

They say their love story is the best ever and that nothing can ever surpass their bond. Remember that these aren’t love-struck teenagers. They’re aging parents to two.

Everything is shown through the lens they wish the world to see them, not the reality of their lives.

Harry’s time in Africa is the focus of this book. It is how he was raised there. Meghan’s acting career is presented as if she was an Angelina Jolie-type thespian/philanthropist, a huge star on the biggest television show in America, while also being the second coming of Mother Theresa.

There'S No Mention Of Adoring Crowds Cheering For The Newlywed Couple Or Prince Charles Walking Meghan Half-Way Down The Aisle. That Doesn'T Suit The Narrative.

There is no mention of adoring fans cheering for the newlyweds, or Prince Charles walking Meghan halfway down the aisle. It doesn’t fit the story. 

There is not much evidence to support these claims.

There is a lot of commentary that calls the United Kingdom the “British Empire 2.0”, as if there has not been any progress since the abolishment of slavery. There is no historical perspective that is rational. The monarchy is just the same as it was 250 year ago.

It’s all so biased, unfair and destructive. But why?

Well, take it from someone who’s seen the dirty political game up close – Harry and Meghan’s real agenda is revenge.

This seems to be driven by Harry’s and Meghan’s jealousy and palatable anger at the Royal family, and William and Kate in specific. It’s clear that Harry and Meghan weren’t able to make it as royals, and now they are blaming anyone who can.

It’s the tantrums of two entitled brats.

William and Kate are enjoying the royal life and Harry and Meghan don’t like being the ‘number two’ couple. If they can’t wear the crowns than no one can – and they’re going to flip over game board.

The series depicts William and Kate as willing accomplices in a racist, archaic, and ugly system. They should be embarrassed of their current roles, as senior royals, and future King and Queen.

Why are Will and Kate so different from them? They are super-evolved and progressive, and they are hyper-woke. They should be the future, not just of the United Kingdom but of the entire world.

In the end, Harry and Meghan are exercising their delusions of grandeur – and they’re doing damage in the meantime. It is easy to dismiss this series as a silly Netflix show that is based on two exroyals. There is the potential for the United States and Britain to have a strained relationship.

America’s special relationship across the pond with its neighbor is a crucial lynchpin for western democracy. This series focuses on that. Shame on Netflix for creating it.

Maybe More Than Anything Else, The Series Portrays William And Kate As Willing Participants In An Ugly, Racist And Archaic System, And They Should Be Ashamed Of Their Current Roles As Senior Royals And Future King And Queen Of England.

The series depicts William and Kate as willing accomplices in a racist, archaic, and ugly system. They should be embarrassed of their current roles, as senior royals, and future King and Queen. 

What would you think if you didn’t know anything about the United Kingdom? Harry and Meghan believe that the UK is an inexorable hellscape.

What happens if Americans are convinced?

Although I doubt this will happen, their recklessness is alarming and frustrating.

Harry served for ten year in the British Army. Both claim to be global activists but neither can see past their own hurt feelings.

Racism, oppression, and violations of human rights happen all around the globe. The United States and the United Kingdom – while imperfect – stand out as beacons of hope. It seems impossible Harry and Meghan would not recognize this.

But here we are.

I used to think that Harry and Meghan’s critics were exaggerating when they claimed the Duke and Duchess were trying to tear down the British monarchy, but after watching 180-minutes — of what can only be described as sick propaganda – I believe it.

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